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{Snow Day!}

Well, remember last week when I said “Hopefully I won’t have anymore snow photos to share with you anytime soon”… I clearly spoke to soon because Sunday morning we woke up to a beautiful blanket of fresh white powder! But seeing as it was Sunday and I didn’t have anywhere to be (more specifically, a train to be on headed towards the office…) I was giddy with excitement. I practically jumped out of bed, threw on 17 layers of clothes and took off for a snowy morning walk with my boys. It was early enough that most of the city was still sleeping, so we had the fresh snow all to ourselves. I loved every minute of it! Now that it’s back to work for the week I am back to hoping it doesn’t snow again… At least until the weekend 🙂
 {Photos © Liz Denfeld Photography}
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Henry Takes a Bath

Now that Corey has started working full time, that means he can no longer spend his entire day with Henry. He is thrilled. I, on the other hand, was devastated. I hate the idea of him sitting at home alone all day. But Corey assures me all he did at home was sleep anyways. Nevertheless, we had to find a way to get the little guy out of the house while we were an hour commute away from home each day. 
In comes this little company that comes to pick Henry up around noon, takes him out to the forrest with a bunch of other dogs, where he proceeds to run around like a mad man for an hour or so. Then he gets dropped back off at our place. 
This is all well and good (and Henry seems to love it) except that when he gets home he stinks! I need my puppy cuddles, but his stench is unbearable. Lucky for us, he is super easy to bathe. Takes 10 minutes and he is such a good boy in the tub. I gave him a bath when I got home from work tonight (Corey’s in class) and I couldn’t help but snap a couple pictures. 
Now before you go looking at these and feeling sorry for him and his pathetic little face, please know that I took these all in a span of 30 seconds and I would never, ever do anything to upset my pup (ask Corey, he thinks I’m borderline cray-cray for the way I’m uh-b-sessed with this dog!!!). He’s now happily snoozing away (and snoring loudly, might I add) next to me on the couch. Bliss.
{Photos © Liz Denfeld Photography}
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Puppy Portraits

I have an insane love for all dogs. It’s kinda outta control. I think pups are the cuuutest things ever in the world – especially my own 🙂 A couple weekends back we got to have a couple extra doggies around the apartment and I snapped a couple puppy portraits. Meet Dora and Lucy (and of course, don’t forget Henry!!!).

{Photos © Liz Denfeld}
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Weekend Recap + Henry Overload

I had one of the most uneventful weekends ever. At the end of last week I started feeling a cold coming on. Thankfully, things were so busy last week I worked through the symptoms, but come Friday evening it all came crashing down. So, I spent pretty much the entire weekend in bed. No, seriously. I only went outside twice to take the dog out for, like, five minutes max. I’m just hoping I rested enough to be able to take on this week. It’s a big one… And a very busy one. Wish me luck!

And so you don’t hate me and think I’m the worst blogger ever, here are just a few (ha!) iPhone photos of our beloved Henry. We are completely and utterly obsessed. Sometimes I dream about being a stay at home mama for our furbaby… And then he tries to chew everything in sight and bites my face and pees in the house 🙂 Ah, the joys of puppy parenthood! 

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Christmas Day Snaps

We woke up on Christmas in our cozy little apartment and spent the morning drinking coffee, cuddling, enjoying the fireplace and watching holiday movies.

Then we headed to the in-laws house for some wine and family time. My brother-in-law and his wife gave us some Smittens because last time they were in town I had joked (kind of) about wanting some. Corey wasn’t too thrilled and refuses to use them, but I am hoping to change his mind 🙂 Oh, and Henry took a nap on Daddy’s lap. He likes naps.
Then Henry made his first doggy friend. Rudy didn’t care much about Henry, but Henry was acting like he was twice his size trying to rile him up. What a stubborn stinker!

To finish the night, we went and had dinner at one of the Denfeld’s oldest family friend’s houses. We brought Henry and we were so worried he would have an accident or be a pain, but he was a good ‘lil pup. We were proud parents!

We’re feeling so lucky to have this week off as well to keep training Henry and bonding with him. He had is first vet visit today and everything checked out great! Hope everyone who’s back at work is easing in just fine, and for those who aren’t, hope you’re finding lots of relaxation during this holiday season!