Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Someday, when I grow up and have a house of my own (and a lot more money), I’m going to hire Portland-based interior designer Jessica Helgerson. Her portfolio is insane. Every image had me more and more in love. I can’t get over this 100-year-old Northwest Portland home she completely remodeled and made “fresh and current”. 

Current Obsession: Chandeliers

Some of you may know that Corey and I moved into our current apartment back in April. We love our beautiful building and all the amazing amenities, but after four months we’ve come to the sad realization that we just don’t have enough space (too many amazing wedding gifts!!!). So, in three weeks we’ll be moving to a new place (I know, you must think we’re crazy) that is much bigger, but still located downtown. For those of you who know Portland, we’re currently in the Pearl District area and we’ll be moving to what some people call the Alphabet District or just Northwest. We’re super excited for more space and new scenery. As a result of the move, my mind is currently design-obsessed. Decorating a new space is just so much fun! One thing I know our new place will have: a chandelier. They are so beautiful and add the perfect amount of glam to a space.  

I Heart Tablescapes

A chic tablescape is one of those simple things in life that provides me inexplicable joy. I could look at pretty table settings for hours on end. They can be simple or grandiose, set for 2 or 20, it doesn’t matter. I want to have a dinner party just so I can set my table! Here are some that I’m loving today…