{Made by Mama}

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably already know that my Mom is a talented designer. I’m lucky that her favorite clients happen to be my sisters and me. She has designed and made me countless things throughout my life – including almost every single one of my high school dance dresses and the most important dress of all, my wedding dress! I’ve never taken the time to showcase the things she’s made me in one place before, but today while reminiscing on some photos I felt compelled to do just that. This is a tiny fraction of the things she’s crafted for me. I look at these photos and feel so much pride for my talented Mama. She is so creative, inspiring and gracious. I miss her so much every day and getting to wear her creations certainly makes me feel closer to her when I’m so far from home!
I hope you enjoy this peek at a few of the beautiful clothes she’s made me in recent years!
{My Wedding Dress!!!}
{My Other Wedding Dress – yeah, she made me two – LUCKY!}
{Leather Jacket}
{Striped Skirt}
 {Color Block Dress}
 {Polka Dot Dress}
{Yellow Bridesmaid Dress}
{Maxi Skirt}
{P.S. She made her entire outfit except her scarf in the photo below 🙂 }

{Enjoy the Ride}

Can you believe it’s already April? I feel like I’ve been wishing time away this entire year waiting for this month. My mom was coming, it’s my birthday month, we’re going to Barcelona and Paris (again!)… But now that it’s finally here I can hardly believe it. How have we already been in Amsterdam 8 months? Corey started his last term of the year this week – that’s crazy talk! Time is just flying by at rapid speeds. We have so many exciting things planned both in the near and distant future that I find myself constantly wishing time away. I’m always ready for the next exciting thing to happen – the next trip, the next visitor, the next big life milestone. It can be hard to be present in this moment and appreciate the here and now. So I guess this is just a little reminder to myself to slow down and enjoy the ride. After all, today is our only guarantee. We might as well savor it!
{Photo © Liz Denfeld Photography}

Happy {Sparkly Holiday Party} Weekend!

Well, I made it back! I pushed through my jet lag yesterday so I could try to get back on schedule as this weekend is a big one. Tonight, we have our work holiday party. Not just any holiday party, mind you. Our company rented out the Heineken Music Hall and singer-songwriter Calvin Harris will be there performing! He was most recently featured in Rihanna’s newest single, “We Found Love“, which I am absolutely and positively obsessed with. Needless to say it will be a memorable night! The theme for the evening is “A Touch of Gold”, so I will be rushing to find a last minute sparkly outfit to wear tonight. Wish me luck! And have a wonderful weekend!

{collage photo credit from left to right, top to bottom: 1,2,3,4}

Inspiration Shoot by Sara Gray Photography

I couldn’t resist sharing this super fun and beautiful inspiration shoot done by local Portland photographer, Sara Gray. I’ve always loved the idea of a swanky, feminine brunch celebration (who doesn’t love brunch?!), and Sara and her team of vendors did a great job bringing the idea of a brunch wedding reception to life. 

Check out more of Sara’s shoot here and here!