We Made It!

Well, after a reallyyyy long flight with a reallyyy unhappy pup, we made it to Amsterdam! Henry made quite the scene and caused us quite a bit of embarrassment for the first five hours of the flight, but luckily after that he finally decided to pass out! 

Once we arrived and checked into our hotel we unpacked for a bit and immediately set out on foot to find some lunch and fight the jet lag. We walked over to one of our favorite areas, the Jordaan. Poor Henry seems to be struggling quite a bit and is lashing out… He hurls himself at bikes, mopeds, pigeons, children… Sounds fun, right? Hopefully he gets over this soon as it made our walk particularly unpleasant. Can you imagine a dog that doesn’t like bikes living in Amsterdam? Pretty comical, actually! 

It’s so strange living in a city where I don’t know my way, have no idea what restaurants are good, what neighborhoods to avoid, etc etc. But this is all part of the adventure – and a huge part of the reason we decided to leave Portland for a few years. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, and boy have I ever! I have so much to learn about Amsterdam and Europe in general! 

The second day in Amsterdam we woke up early and took Henry for a walk. We knew there wouldn’t be many people (read: pigeons, bikes, kids and scooters) out in the morning – so we thought it would be the perfect time to take Henry for a nice walk over to Vondel Park. Back in Portland, we loved taking early morning walks before the city was awake. I loved how peaceful and quiet it was. Here in Amsterdam, I found that the quiet felt eerie. I’m sure that will change, it just felt uncomfortable, like something wasn’t right. I look forward to appreciating the peace of the morning hours in Amsterdam someday (hopefully soon).

Now our second day in Amsterdam is over and we’re settling in and hoping our six hour nap earlier doesn’t stop us from sleeping through the night… Tomorrow is a big day for us. Any guesses what it is? More updates coming soon. As well as some catching up from the weeks leading up to our move. Thanks again for sticking with me as my blogging was sporadic!

{Photos © Liz Denfeld}

The Countdown is On!

Maybe you can tell by my random absence that things over here have gotten more than a little crazy/stressful/insane. Somehow I thought I’d be able to keep up with this little ‘ol blog, but I’m being proven horribly wrong. The good news is, while I haven’t been sharing any photos with you, sweet readers, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been snapping away. Hoping to get some time in the next couple days to update you on the exciting things I’ve been up to. I hope you’ll forgive the sporadic posting for the next couple weeks. We are moving to Amsterdam in 10 days!!!! Holy moly. 

So glad you’re all here, and hope you’ll stay with me during this hectic transition! And as always, you can keep up with me on Twitter if you can’t wait for the blog posts 🙂

{a photo of Henry because… well, why not?}

The Portland To-Do List

We don’t have much time left in Portland, so we wanted to make a short and sweet list of to-dos before we move to Amsterdam! We’ve already crossed a couple off the list, and I’ll keep you posted as we progress. 

Things to Do Before We Move!
Hike Multnomah Falls
Go to the Portland Art Museum
Oregon Coast
International Rose Test Garden
Drinks at Noble Rot
A Trip Back to David Hill {and relive our wedding day!}
Last weekend, we headed to Cannon Beach, one of our favorite little Oregon beach towns, to bid farewell to Haystack Rock. Here are some photos from our day at the beach!

{Photos © Liz Denfeld}

The 4th!

This was Henry’s first Fourth of July. We didn’t know how he would take it, so we didn’t want to leave him alone in the apartment. We enjoyed the toasty (85+ degree!) weather and barbecued with family during the day. Later, Corey, Henry and I walked down to north waterfront and watched a beautiful sunset, a few fireworks and even enjoyed a sweet little glass of wine. Poor Henry was a bit scared and spent most of the time hiding between Corey’s legs, so we called it a pretty early night, but enjoyed quite a few fireworks on our walk home. I have to say, it was the perfect way to spend our last Independence Day in the U.S. for a couple years! Hope yours was just as lovely!

{Photos © Liz Denfeld}

Peonies Make Me Happy

Thanks to my very verbal love of peonies, this weekend I ended up with three bouquets of them!!! My family and friends know how to put a smile on my face 🙂 The giant fluffy one is from my mom’s garden. She has quite the green thumb. Something she didn’t pass down to me. I’m just glad I get to reap the benefits and stare at this beauty all day long! Also, Henry didn’t quite understand what he was supposed to do with these gorgeous flowers. In fact, he tried to take a big ‘ol bite out of one of them like it was his breakfast! I put an end to that quickly! 

{Photos © Liz Denfeld}

{Last} Weekend Snaps

The weeks are passing so quickly, I hardly have enough time to keep up with weekend snaps! The weekend before last was blissfully warm with temperatures in the 80s. We spent most of our time lounging by my in-laws’ pool and dining al fresco. Here are a couple pictures from that weekend!

{Photos © Liz Denfeld}

Weekends, Lately.

This weekend consisted of:
A haircut. No bangs. After all the hype, I know. Next time!
Long walks around the city.
Our first trip to the Farmer’s Market this year.
Cappucinos, fresh-baked olive bread and puppy cuddles at Lovejoy Bakers with my mom and sis.
Dinner at Russell Street BBQ {oh.em.gee. so good.}
Nike Hoop Summit
Lots of Friday Night Lights. We’re hooked.
A puppy-free Sunday cause our boy was at the vet (Henry lost his manhood if you know what I mean…).
Sunday brunch at Tasty n Sons. I’m kind of obsessed with this place, aside from the horrendous 45 min. wait.
Dinner at the in-laws. Always fun. Always leave feeling so blessed to have such amazing family.

Hope your weekend was amazing! Hoping for a stress-free work week 🙂

Weekend Recap

Martinis with the girls followed by pool and beers with some good friends who were in town from Seattle.

Major laziness. Sex & The City marathon. Hey, I deserved it!
Made kale chips for the first time at the suggestion of my sissy and this little lady. Yum. Try it!
Whipped up stuffed portabello mushrooms (recipe here, just added a cup of quinoa), grilled chicken and garlic bread.
Watched The Fighter. Acting was insanely phenomenal. Great movie, but I had to hide my eyes a few times. 

Strawberry shortcake for breakfast (including homemade whipped cream!). Uh huh. That’s how we roll!
Spring cleaning.
Tried the PB&J cart down the street. Probably shouldn’t have done that because we discovered how ridiculously yummy they are. Corey had the “Good Morning” and I had the “Pumpkin Pie”. Grilled PB&J concoctions. Who woulda thought?
Going away dinner for a coworker who’s moving to Amsterdam to work at our European headquarters. Will miss her. Tried to hide my jealousy 🙂
Hope you had a great weekend!