{Seville: iPhone Snaps}

Hi all! We’re back from Seville. It was so amazing it honestly feels like it was all a dream.
Meeting up with Nicole was so much fun. I feel like we’ve been friends forever.
There was sun, 70+ degree weather, sangria, cervezas, cafe con leche, paella, tapas…I clearly indulged 🙂
I am still recovering from my 4:30AM wakeup call on Tuesday & going straight into work after a 3 hour flight + 1.5 train ride.
I haven’t uploaded photos yet, but thought all these iPhone snaps would hold you guys over!
Can’t wait to share many more photos and memories with you from our trip – I think we decided Seville has been our favorite trip so far!!
Hope you’re having an amazing week!
 left to right, top to bottom:
+pitchers of sangria
+sunset along the river
+me + nicole, reunited at last!
+plaza de espana
+mojitos on rooftops with cathedral views… life is good.
+soaking up the sun
+gorgeous spanish architecture
+another sunset along the river
+miles and miles of orange trees
+loving life at the alcazar
+alcazar gardens
+sipping a cafe con leche & sending postcards

{Weekend Snaps}

I interrupt this regularly scheduled post to bring to your attention that I have a new blog URL!

If you have a link to my blog on your blog or site would you mind updating the link? I’d love you forever and ever! Thank you!

Now on to the post…

The entire weekend wasn’t spent celebrating Dutch holidays… 

We cooked breakfast Saturday morning. Fried eggs. Hashbrowns. Toast. Avocado. Orange Juice. It was good. And then we took a nap.
I met up with this little lady for tea in Vondelpark. Can I tell you how incredibly comforting it is to meet other American bloggers in Amsterdam? Who are really, really nice and cool? Oh, it’s amazing!

Have a I told you lately how happy our new Nespresso machine makes me? When I feel like a decaf cappuccino – poof! – I get one!

Gorgeous sunset from our juliette balcony
Oh hi, I’m Henry. I’m the cutest ever, hence why my mom is obsessed with me! 
{Photos © Liz Denfeld Photography}

A Perfect Monday Morning

I’m feeling a bit burnt out this week, but trying to keep positive and be thankful for all the amazing little things around me. In fact, on Monday I happened to experience one of the best mornings I’ve had in quite a while. It made me extra happy to be living in Amsterdam and has kept me smiling all week. Here are a few things that made that morning super special:

+my first cappuccino from our new Nespresso machine. Holy heaven!
+ Watching the Today Show on my iPad as I got ready for the day. I almost forgot I was in Europe!
+Husband biking with me to the train station. Even though he does this every morning, Monday it felt even nicer since we hadn’t done it in a while.
+The dry, chilly weather. My hands and face were freezing but I couldn’t help but smile and laugh as I rode to the station. Sometimes I look around and just can’t believe I live here!
+Catching the sunrise as I biked into work. The light was so beautiful it made my heart jump out of my chest (and made me super bummed I didn’t have my camera on me!)
+And this didn’t happen Monday morning, but it’s still making me especially happy. Corey officially accepted an offer for a job in Europe last week! Yippee! Such a relief and so proud of him 🙂

{Corey snapped this on his iPhone Tuesday morning when we saw another pretty sunrise!}

Things That Are Making Me Ridiculously Happy

It’s Friday! And I’m feeling especially happy. So I thought I’d create a little happy list. What’s making you ridiculously happy today?
+coming home to a wiggly pup who is ecstatic to see me every evening
+riding my bike to and from the train station every day – I feel so officially Dutch!
+any and all sun breaks we get – the weather has been less than stellar this week, complete with scary thunder and lightning!
+having friends in town – they just got engaged in Paris! we’ll be celebrating all weekend!
+the fact that we are going home in five days! can you believe it?!
+husband having dinner ready for me when I get home from work – he’s becoming quite the little chef. he takes his househusband responsibilities seriously 🙂
+pinterest. endless inspiration. addictive, amazing inspiration!

I’m off to enjoy a relaxing weekend in Amsterdam. We don’t have a ton planned, but we have a lot of preparing to do for our trip home next week! 

{Photos © Liz Denfeld}