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{Our Two Year Wedding Anniversary}

Happy Monday everyone! How are you all doing? It’s been snowing buckets in Amsterdam and it’s been causing all sorts of chaos – with trains and planes – and worst of all.. with me! I guess biking in 23-degree weather was a bit ambitious for me, because this weekend I came down with a nasty bug that has me bed-ridden today. Husband is taking great care of me and it’s not so bad having a beautiful snowy view out the window. I just wish I could go outside and enjoy the wintery white weather!
Speaking of the huz… Corey and I are creeping up on two and a half years of marriage! Now, I know that’s not a super long time, but what I will say is boy does time fly!! I feel like we just celebrated our two-year anniversary, which I realized I never blogged about!
While I wish we could’ve done something extravagant and luxurious to celebrate our wedding anniversary, I was flying out to Portland the next day and work was crazy busy at the time, so we settled on a romantic dinner at a gorgeous restaurant. We got dressed up and headed to De Kas. This place is so awesome. It sits on the edge of a lush city park in Amsterdam and is probably the coolest looking restaurant we’ve ever eaten in. It also happens to be one of those super fancy restaurants that doesn’t really have a menu. Each day the chef has a three-course dinner planned that consists of three small starters, a main course and dessert. The best part is everything is made with local, fresh ingredients grown in the restaurant’s very own nursery.  We decided to fancy things up even more and get the wine pairings with dinner. The whole things was a fun and special experience and the perfect way to celebrate two years of wedded bliss. Here are a few photos from the occasion.
And P.S. Yes, our wedding anniversary was in August and yes I am wearing tights and a blazer… Why? Because there is no summer in Amsterdam. Yeah, I guess you could say I’m bitter about it 🙂

 {Photos ©  Liz Denfeld}
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{Wine Tasting + Picnic at David Hill}

Things got so busy right before our trip to Portland I didn’t even get to blog about our two-year wedding anniversary. It fell on a work night, the day before I was leaving for home, so to be honest it wasn’t the most incredible anniversary ever. But we did make time to go out for an amazing meal (in a greenhouse!) and for some quality time together before I left Corey for two weeks (torture!).

When we were home, partly as a little celebration and partly just because we hadn’t been back since our wedding day, we went out to the winery where we tied the knot. Corey’s parents and my mom joined as we did a little wine tasting, then enjoyed a picnic among the vines enjoying a fantastic pinot noir. Being back was so special – the place hadn’t changed a bit.  

**Update! Apparently you guys like my dress 😉 Thanks! It’s from Zara. Unfortunately I got it on super sale while I was in Bruges with my sis, and I don’t see it online.

  {Photos ©  Liz Denfeld}

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Some people think I’m silly slash ridiculous for counting the milestones I do, but what can I say? For one, I like to celebrate, and for two, I’m a hopeful romantic who will take any chance I can to reminisce, reflect on the good times, and count my blessings.

Yesterday marked a year and a half of marriage with Corey. The last six months in particular have been some of the happiest, most magical, but also most trying times of our relationship. Our move to Europe has brought us so much closer. It’s hard to describe how  your marriage changes when it’s just you and your spouse. No family. No best friends. Just us. It’s been incredible. It’s been hard at times, but most off all it has been so rewarding and it gives me such pride in the man I married and the relationship we share.
And speaking of that big move…Sunday marked six months since we moved to Amsterdam. We made it half a year! Holy crap. Are you proud? Some days it feels like we’ve been here for years, and other days it feels like we blinked and six months flew by. Looking back on all our amazing travels so far (London, Paris, French Riviera, Dublin, Berlin, OH MY!) and everything we’ve learned about living in a foreign country, I am truly in awe of our life. Inspired by this post, I thought I’d share the top 10 things we love about living in Amsterdam and the top 10 things we don’t love so much.
10 Things We Love About Living in Amsterdam
+Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice: A rarity in the States, but in Amsterdam you can be sure if you’re ordering orange juice it will be freshly squeezed. Yum!
+The Canals: The sight of them never gets old.
+Being able to jet off to amazing European cities so easily: Next up, Seville!
+Biking: We’re on a little biking hiatus due to the snow and freezing temps, but it remains my favorite way to get around here!
+Dinners that last hours and hours: In the US you are greeted promptly, sat promptly, and the wait staff expects you to get in and out of their restaurant as quickly as possible so as to shuffle their next guests in ASAP. Totally different story in Amsterdam. You can sit for hours and you practically have to beg for your check so you can pay and leave!
+Fashion: Everyone looks effortlessly chic in Amsterdam. I love looking at all the great style that surrounds me every day. I also feel way more comfortable taking fashion “risks” here (read: I can wear something that isn’t mainstream without getting confused stares. Yes, Portland, I’m talking to you!)
+The number of expats: Amsterdam is known for its expat community. It has made meeting new friends so much easier, and having the opportunity to relate to another American living in Amsterdam makes me feel more at home.
+Dining Al Fresco: It doesn’t matter the weather, there are always tables and chairs outside cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a good meal. They even set up an outdoor dining area on an icy canal recently!
+The Corner Market: It feels like there’s a tiny grocer /deli on every corner, and we happen to love ours. It serves up fresh croissants in the morning and delicious take-away dinners, amazing cheeses, olives, wine…I just feel so European whenever I pop (which is often).
+Schipol Airport: Okay, yeah, it’s a little weird that one of my favorite things about Amsterdam is the airport, but trust me, Schipol is amazing. When you spend as much time in and out of airports as we have in the last six months you really start to appreciate the good ones. Somehow whenever I walk through Schipol it feels like home.
10 Things We Don’t Love So Much About Living in Amsterdam
+The Service (or lack thereof)
+Washer/dryers, microwave ovens. Don’t Europeans want anything done quickly and efficiently? Why must they combine such vital appliances? (and why must my oven be so.dang.small?!)
+Trains/Trams/Buses: It’s actually a love/hate relationship.
+Cheek kisses. The customary thing to do when greeting someone in Europe is to give those air/cheek kisses. In the Netherlands you give three, in most other parts of Europe you give two. I am just so awkward when I do this (and so is Corey!). I always hesitate – which side do I start with? How many kisses are they going to do? I’m just waiting to mess it up and give someone a smackeroo right on the lips! AH!
+Commuting: I miss hopping in my car and being at work in 15 minutes. And not having to work around train schedules!
+The Metric System: I spend more time converting kilometers to miles, kilos to pounds, centimeters to inches, grams to cups (it goes on and on) than I care to admit.
+Weird (to me) Food Combinations: Like Tuna on pizza and in pasta. Huh? I got on board with the fries dipped in mayo, but this? I just can’t.
+How Expensive Everything Is: Everything is more expensive here, add the conversion on top of that and a dinner bill can bring me close to tears. I miss Portland where the restaurants are incredible and cheap!
+Being Far Away From Family: I’m just now starting to feel really far away from everyone back home. At first it felt a little like we were just on an extended vacation, but now that we know we won’t be going home until August I feel really distant (and if I’m honest, I’m afraid my friends will forget all about me).
+Shopping Hours: Stores, banks, pharmacies, pretty much everything except the grocery store (and thank goodness for that!) close at 5PM here. I’m still at work with an hour commute ahead of me at 5PM, how does anyone get anything done around here?! 

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{Dublin, Ireland} Part II

Happy Tuesday, Everyone! I am so tired this evening (remember it’s already nighttime here! 10PM!) I almost didn’t write this post. But then I felt compelled to show you the rest of our Dublin pictures. So here you have them! 

One reason Dublin felt extra fun was because we had some celebrating to do. I know my Mom will read this and laugh because she thinks I’m ridiculous with all my “celebrations”, but that’s just me! Well, while in Dublin, Corey and I celebrated our four year dating anniversary! Four years before, Corey had taken me on our first date. Clearly it was a good one considering he’s now my husband! Anyhow, I’m a huge hopeless romantic and I’ll take any chance to reminisce, which we did 🙂 We’ll definitely never forget our anniversary walking the streets of Dublin, throwing back a couple pints and watching a beautiful sunset from the top of the Guinness Storehouse.

1-3. Christ Church
4. Alleyway behind the Guinness Storehouse
5. View from lunch at the Guinness Storehouse
6. Enjoyed a half-pint at lunch!
7-8. Guinness Taste Experience (just another excuse to drink more beer…)
9-10. Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse
11. Sunset from Gravity Bar
12. We took a horse drawn carriage back into town. Corey, being the gentleman that he is, wanted to do something sweet for me on our anniversary. Is he a keeper or what?!
13. River View
14. Entrance to St. Stephen’s Green
15-17. St. Stephen’s Green (such a charming city park!)
18-20. Phoenix Park (the largest city park in Europe!)
{Photos © Liz Denfeld Photography}
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Weekend in Broek en Waterlaand: Part I

You guys… This weekend was so amazing! It went far beyond my expectations. The B&B was GORGEOUS, and despite a minor snafu of them putting us in the wrong room the first night (long story), we still had such a special time. I have so many pictures I have to split them up into a couple posts! 

So, Broek en Waterlaand is about 20 minute north of Amsterdam. We took a cheap (ok, relatively cheap – everything here is SO expensive) bus ride and were there before we knew it! It was an absolutely gorgeous day. We checked in and then headed out to explore the grounds. The views didn’t disappoint! 

A couple hours later we headed out for dinner. The walk wasn’t far as we were staying in a tiny little town. And the place was packed. Almost thought we weren’t going to get a table without “a reservation”! But luckily, they found a spot for us and ohhh my gosh the food was out of this world good. So good that we went back the next night! Then, as we walked back after our delicious meal we were greeted by this incredible sunset. Straight out of the camera, folks! Absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t stop staring. The weekend was off to a phenomenal start.

{Photos © Liz Denfeld}
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Our First Anniversary in Amsterdam!

We started our anniversary with croissants in bed. How can you go wrong? We were still suffering from jet lag so after breakfast we took a nap (ha!) and then got the day going around noon. We strolled along the canals and generally just explored. It was a beautiful day and walking around made me feel giddy! I couldn’t believe we were in Amsterdam and we were celebrating our one year anniversary! It’s going to take a lot to beat this anniversary in the future, but I’ve already got some ideas (of course!).

Henry is doing much better, but still adjusting, so we haven’t been leaving him at the hotel alone. Because of this we decided to stick close to “home” and had dinner at our hotel on their cute back patio. Henry behaved magnificently, which let us really soak up and enjoy each other’s company. We were so smiley and kiss-y our waiter even asked if we were on our honeymoon! 

Foreverago I read this post by Erin and took note. I thought it was the cutest idea for a one year wedding anniversary gift ever, so I kinda stole it (thanks, Erin!!!)! I made Corey a photo book with 50 reasons I love him, all accompanied by photos I’ve taken throughout our first year of marriage! I love the way it turned out and Corey seemed to really like it too 🙂 It’s a tradition I plan on keeping up for future anniversaries (a photo book of that year). It will be so fun to see how the photos change from all our travels to buying a home to having babies, etc!

I love you, Mr. Denfeld!

{Photos © Liz Denfeld}
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One Year

Yesterday marked one year of marriage for Corey and me. I’m truly in awe that we’ve already hit this milestone. Everyone always says the first year of marriage is the hardest… Truth be told, nothing with Corey is hard, and I know I’m so lucky to have it that way. This year has flown by. We learn more about each other each day and get closer and closer as time goes on. We have experienced so many adventures this year – the biggest ones being getting a puppy and moving across the world together. Corey is truly and honestly my best friend in the entire world. Sometimes it scares me how much I love him, and more so, how much I need him. But I think that’s what marriage is about. You put all your eggs in one basket because you believe in this person and you know they will take care of you, and you will take care of them. I don’t know how I got so incredibly lucky. I wonder every day how I, of all people, got Corey. But then I realize, I don’t really care why or how, I’m just so glad I did. 

Happy anniversary to the most loving husband a wife could ask for. I love you forever. 


Um, hi! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I miss you guys!!! Some exciting stuff happening over here, but I can’t quite share yet… Not for a couple weeks… I don’t want to jinx it. I’ve been crazy busy at work and just enjoying my nights cuddled up on the couch with husband and pup. I am pretty wiped out when I get home and have been trying to relax, de-stress and veg. Hope that’s okay with you guys. I’ll be back soon, I promise. 

Oh, and re-reading that and reading the “exciting stuff” and “a few weeks” and the “I’m tired” just made me think that you might think that I’m preggers. But let me assure you I am not. That is not the exciting thing. Okay, that’s all. Ciao!

P.S. This was waiting for husband when we got home the night of our wedding 🙂 We’ve been married eight months already! Time is flyyyying. Nuts. And if you’re wondering, marriage rocks. 
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Little Big Burger

So, all went as planned Monday night: Little Big Burger, The King’s Speech and celebrating six months of marriage. The only thing that didn’t go as planned was my little red dress. It’s so cute, but it was way too cold, even with cozy tights. So, that’ll have to wait for another celebration. 

Little Big Burger was quite fun! I don’t eat beef (or pork), so I got a veggie burger and it was yummy. Corey got two cheeseburgers and he said they were definitely good, but not out of this world or anything. But the truffle fries.. Oh the truffle fries! They were so good. I could’ve eaten six bags! And they even make their own fry sauce, ketchup and mustard in Portland.   We also tried a real beer float with coconut porter. It was interesting and pretty much delicious.  All-in-all, I would say this is a cute little spot for an affordable and fun date night. 

The King’s Speech was so great – definitely a must-see. Colin Firth was ridiculously amazing!

Oh, and we ended the night with more wedding cake! Cookies and cream… Yumm!
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Six Months of Wedded Bliss!

Six months ago today, Corey and I became husband and wife! I cannot believe how fast time flies. I honestly still get so giddy calling him my husband and look at wedding photos more often than is probably healthy, and feel so proud to be a Denfeld. I love our little family and couldn’t be happier in life right now. I feel so ridiculously blessed and don’t take any day for granted. Here’s how we plan on celebrating tonight… 

{wedding photo by Jill Thomas}

*Update! You all seem to love the red dress! You can purchase it here 🙂