DIY Painted Rainbow Mural

Our playroom has been an ever-evolving space in our home. It’s funny that we are paying so much attention to it now as our kids are a little older, but they definitely still have a lot of toys and I know the room can continue to evolve as their needs change, but I wish we would have done so much of this sooner! After we installed the IKEA Billy built-ins in the room it truly transformed the space. It was a serious game-changer. It looks beautiful and it hides all-the-things so well and made it easier to keep everything nicely organized in bins. I used Caitlin from The Mama Notes’ post as our guide!

Anyhow, once the built-ins were installed I was itching to continue to spruce up the space. We had one HUGE empty wall that was just calling for something. I had seen some large-scale removable rainbow decals that looked like they would be perfect, but when I went to purchase the total came out to $700+ dollars. Yep, you read that right! Nearly $1,000!!!! That was way over our budget for that wall, so I kept looking. I couldn’t find anything I liked for under $400.

We are truly the least handy/crafty people around so it really didn’t cross my mind to paint the rainbow on the wall myself until I put out a request to find someone to do it for us on Instagram and I had an overwhelming number of messages from people saying I should just do it myself! Even then, I hesitated. I got quotes from three awesome artists and most were out of my price-range, so I just sat on the whole idea for a while. Then over the winter break I decided to just go for it and trying painting it myself. I figured the worst that happens is I have to paint over it. Now, looking back I’m so glad I did it. It’s certainly not perfect and a professional would have no doubt done a much better job. But for something that is likely temporary-ish (I’m sure the kids will grow out of a rainbow design in years to come and we’ll do something else with the wall/space), I think it is just great!

Okay, so how’d I do it. First, I scoured the internet for an image of a rainbow with the number of stripes I wanted in the style I wanted. Then I used our projector to project the image of the rainbow onto the wall. I used pencil to trace the lines of the rainbow onto the wall.

Next, I went to Home Depot to get the paint. I knew we were going to put up these wall decals on the opposite wall so I wanted to stay in this color family, so that’s how I chose. Choosing the paint colors made me really nervous because I know that a lot of times what is on a paint chip is not necessarily exactly how it looks on a wall, but I just kind of winged it. We used all Behr paints because that is what was readily available at Home Depot. We bought sample sizes of each color we picked which is only $3.50 each and there was even plenty leftover from the project. I spent more money on the one paint brush I used as I did on paint! I knew I wanted the paint brush to be high quality. Here are the supplies I ended up with:

  1. Wooster Pro 4″ Flat Paint Brush


2. Behr Premium Ultra Paint in Satin Enamel Finish


3. Plastic Paint Trays


4. Scotch Blue Painters Tape


Here are the Behr colors we used:


Once I had all the supplies (we had an old plastic dropcloth laying around that I reused) I got to painting! I knew I wanted it to look perfectly imperfect, I wanted to see brush strokes and wanted it to look very freehand. I just went for it not really knowing what I was doing! And here’s how it turned out:

Playroom Rainbow (1 of 1)Playroom Rainbow (1 of 1)-2


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