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Day Trip to Cannon Beach

Corey’s taking a little staycation this week so we decided to kick it off with a bang and take a day trip to Cannon Beach (and check one off the Denfeld Summer Bucket List!). Temperatures in Portland were supposed to get near 90, so we thought it would be the perfect day to beat the heat and head to cooler temps along the coast.

I was so impressed with how well the kids did being off their schedules and with the hour and a half car ride. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but our kids seriously hate the car. Any drive lasting longer than 25 minutes and one or both start melting down (mostly James). They each napped a little on the way there and back and the rest of the time Elodie colored and James snacked on Cheerios (haha!).

I reached out for Cannon Beach recommendation on Instagram before we left Portland and I got lots of great ones! We ended up grabbing lunch at Pelican Brew Pub and a quick pint at Public Coast. We started the beach day at Tolovana Park and then stopped off along Hemlock and Center Streets and walked down to Haystack Rock. Of all the (many) times I’ve visited Cannon, this was the closest I’d ever gotten to Haystack Rock! It was such a beautiful day (albeit really windy). The kids were seriously in heaven and all their smiles and delighted squeals made me so glad we decided to make the day trip!

If you find yourself in Cannon Beach, here are a few other spots you should check out: Sea Level Bakery for pastries and good coffee (if you’re a coffee snob like us!), Bill’s Tavern for fish & chips or Pizza a Feta for a delicious slice!

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{Photos © Liz Denfeld Photography}

7 thoughts on “Day Trip to Cannon Beach”

    1. Yes! I set up the camera and then just had them shoot — we got lucky with someone with a decent eye. I have gotten unlucky many times 🙂 hahaha Let’s do a house swap someday! We’re dying to visit Boston!

  1. Loovveee all the photos! Would you mind sharing photo tips? They always look so light and airy!

  2. Two questions:
    Where is your cardigan/sweater from? I LOVE it!
    And unrelated to this post, how did you ever get James weened from his Dock? We also have a James (who is almost 8 months old) and it’s proving impossible!!!

    Sigh… Cannon Beach. We lived in Portland for a year and loved going there. Brings back all sorts of lovely memories.

    1. It’s the Madewell Summer Ryder cardigan and I am OBSESSED with it, but it’s sold out practically everywhere 🙁 🙁 It runs super big so if you find it in a couple sized smaller than you’d think to buy I’d snag it! The weaning from the Dock question is a great one! We actually took the pad and tubing out of the Dock-A-Tot case and put it under James’ crib sheet, little by little we widened the tubing until we could take it out. I hope that makes sense but happy to answer any additional questions you might have!

      1. Thanks for the Dock advice. It worked great until our James realized he can now sleep on his stomach. After two nights I freaked that he was going to suffocate so pulled the tubing out and made the poor kid go cold turkey.

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