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The Morning Routine That Saves My Sanity

Rangeley-5There’s no pretty way to put it, I’m just not a morning person. I find myself walking around all day saying “I’m sooooo tiredddd” and then come evening time, I have a ton of energy and could stay up until 1AM. Unfortunately, that schedule doesn’t work well with young kids… Especially a certain one-year-old who has been known to wake up at 5AM.

On top of the fact that mornings aren’t really my jam, I’m also an introverted extrovert, which basically means that I recharge alone. When you stay home with two kids three and under (who are on opposite nap schedules), alone time is hard to come by, but I’ve found a morning routine that helps set me up for a great day and has me feeling ready to take on the responsibilities of stay-at-home-momhood.

So here’s how our morning goes. James is always the first one up — he gets up between 5:30 and 6:30. Corey gets up early, showers and gets mostly ready for the day before James is awake. He always unloads the dishwasher, takes out the trash and starts a pot of coffee. Around 6:30, he comes and wakes me up with a hot cup of coffee in hand. I know, he is a good, good man. He knows coffee is my love language 😉

From 6:30 – 7:30 I have my quiet time. My intention is always to use this time to get ready for the day, so after taking 5-10 minutes to drag myself out of bed I’ll usually take my cup of coffee into our bathroom, turn on a podcast and do my makeup.

This invigorates me for so many reasons. For one, I’m alone, which is how I recharge. Two, I listen to podcasts that either teach me something (This American Life / TED Radio Hour), inspire me (How I Built This), make me feel like I’m not alone in the trenches of motherhood (Coffee + Crumbs and The Longest Shortest Time) and make me think and feel (Dear Sugar).  I go into the day having spent at least a small amount of time feeding my brain with something other than toddler talk and baby care. I also love having this time because as soon as I have my makeup on I feel more awake and ready for whatever our day’s activity might be. And if I don’t get ready during this time, it’s inevitably harder for me to get us all out of the house for the day because somehow I need to get myself ready along with two stubborn kids (love them! ha!).

The best part of this whole routine is that it’s really a win-win for the whole family. When we were both working

the mornings were the worst. We were always scrambling to get the whole family out the door on time to jobs and daycare. It was stressful for everyone. Now Corey has an hour of true quality time with the kids, which he absolutely loves, and they obviously love it too! Our evenings are still a bit of a hustle with dinnertime and bedtime, but the mornings are slow and wonderful for all of us.

I know this routine definitely can’t work for everyone — I’m really lucky Corey works a pretty standard 8-5 schedule most days and doesn’t travel much. It took some time for me to figure out this was what I needed, but once I realized it I was really upfront and honest with Corey about what I needed to be set up for a good day at home. I think a lot of times it’s easy to think your partner can read your mind or will know what you need to make you happy, but I always find it’s best to over-communicate and be really explicit with your needs. He’s been so great about giving me this space in the morning and it has made a world of a difference in how I approach the day!

What’s your morning routine? Do you love it? Does it need a change? I’d love to hear!

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  1. Oh Liz — I LOVE your blogging! I just read this one and goodness Corey is such an amazing husband to you (Go Corey!). You are an amazing mom to Elodie and James. We love them. Keep posting <3

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