I love hearing about people’s tried and true beauty products — it’s pretty much the only way I find new products to use since I’m not much of a beauty junky and I’m not willing to risk spending a bunch of money on something I won’t ending up loving. Over the years I’ve found a few beauty buys that I have stuck with and absolutely love!!



One // Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser works to take off my makeup better than any cleanser I’ve ever tried and it doesn’t have a smell!

Two // I’ve been using Moroccan Oil for YEARS. I have naturally very thick, wavy hair (not cute wavy, frizzy weird wavy). I should share a photo of what my hair looks like after I blowdry it — it is huge and needs to be tamed! If I ever had any doubt that this product works to do just that, last year I randomly forgot to use it (must’ve been pregnancy brain) and I had several coworkers comment on how my hair looked different! Ha!

Three // I used to be a strictly drugstore mascara gal, until I found the IT Cosmetics Superhero Maskcare (thanks to Lauren McBride!). This stuff is so good — it lengthens and thickens and makes my lashes almost look fake! I’m hooked.

Four // Listen up tired mamas, you NEED this concealer. This is another one I heard about from miss Lauren and I am so glad I gave it a try. This concealer hides the fact that I have an infant and toddler at home and don’t get nearly as much sleep as I would like. My sister (a total beauty junkie who also has her own infant and toddler at home) ended up buying this too after noticing that I never looked tired even though she knew that I most definitely was 🙂

Five // I’ve had people comment on how “flawless” my skin looks — well, as much as I hate to admit that it’s not my skin, I have to give credit to this mineral powder from Laura Mercier. It provides amazing coverage while not being cakey and it’s also luminous so it gives your skin great dimension. I love it!

Six // When I lived in Europe I became obsessed with Bioderma Micellar H20. I didn’t even wash my face with a traditional face wash, I only used the Micellar water. I loved what it did to my skin! Unfortunately, when we moved home from Amsterdam it was really hard (and expensive) to get my hands on the Bioderma product so I had to stop using it. Then Garnier released a Micellar Water in the last couple years and I was so skeptical it would be as good as the original French stuff, but I have to say it is amazing!! It’s a staple in my bathroom cabinet — I use it on nights I’m too lazy to wash my face or just when I want an extra layer of makeup removal.

So that’s it! My favorite beauty products. Now I need YOUR help — do you have an amazing facial moisturizer you love? And what are you favorite face masks for brightening and fine lines? I’m on the hunt! Any other amazing products I have to know about?


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