Five Things I’ve Learned: My First Month as a SAHM

**This post was written on February 6, 2017**

one of my first outings as a stay-at-home mama, to the oregon zoo

Today marks my first full month as a stay-at-home mama! Truth be told, it actually feels a lot longer than a month, but not necessarily in a bad way! I feel like I’ve just been learning a lot and getting into a new groove. I was so grateful for all the advice I got on my Instagram post a while back, so many amazing tips, many I put to good use! So one month in as a SAHM, here’s what I’ve learned, what’s working and where I could use some improvement!

O N E // I didn’t learn this first fact this month, but this month just really reiterated it: I am not a morning person. I’m not the type that wakes up chipper in the AM, ready to start the day (like my husband!). I need slow… quiet.. coffee.. all.the.coffee. I find that when I have the opportunity to have some quiet alone time in the mornings, our day gets off on a much better foot — this definitely means daddy taking over in the morning until he needs to go to work. More on that later!

T W O // Getting out of the house every day — whether for a big or little outing — is key! Not only does getting out of the house give me good reason to be clothed and have makeup on (which for whatever reason actually makes me feel more energized during the day), but it tires the kids out, gets them social interaction, and makes our days go by quicker. It’s really a win all around, so we try really hard to make this happen!

T H R E E // If we are going somewhere (so, ideally, every day), we need to start the getting ready process from the moment the troops are awake. I literally spend the entire first part of the morning getting the kids fed, dressed and the diaper bag packed in preparation for an outing. Nothing sucks more than running around like a crazy person minutes before needing to leave and then being late. Also, did you know that toddlers are especially defiant when you want them to do something quickly?

F O U R // My toddler watches way more TV now that she is home with me. This is something I definitely want to work on, but as I am trying to get my bearings being home with both kids, the TV inevitably gets turned on more often than I would like. I try really hard to set Elodie up with activities to do while I am feeding James, getting James down for nap, or trying to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner, but sometimes she is just not in the mood and the only thing that will give me the time I need is to put a movie on. C’est la vie. Suggestions welcome! [excited to give an update here as I’m nearly five months in now and this has definitely improved! yay!]

F I V E // I don’t miss work. At all. Not even on the hardest days.  It’s true I’m only a month in. And I’m sure the newness and excitement will surely wear off, but for now, I have never looked back on this decision to stay home. I am more in love with my kids than ever, am so grateful to have this extra time with them, and am fully embracing this season of life. I know I’ll be back to work someday, so for now I am soaking up these incredibly special days with them.

I have so much more to say about transitioning from a full-time working parent to a stay-at-home parent. Stay tuned!

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