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{We’re Having a Baby!!!}

{It says “We’re Pregnant!!! – Too bad the flash blew out the handwriting!}

Yippee!!!! Oh my goodness, I can’t even tell you how happy and excited I am that I finally get to shout our news from the rooftops! We’ve known for over two months now that little baby Denfeld is on the way, so it is such a relief to finally get to share the news with the world πŸ™‚

I’m 14 weeks along and am just now finally starting to feel better. The first trimester was pretty miserable (aside from the first two weeks where I felt nothing and was convinced I couldn’t actually be pregnant!). But all-in-all, I know it could’ve been much worse, so even though I was nauseous 24/7 for 6 weeks straight, I wasn’t in the hospital and I only threw up, like, 10 times or something. So I’ll consider that a win!

So that should cover the “How are you feeling?” question, and as far as the second question we always get – will we find out the gender. The answer is h-e-l-l yes! We can’t find out soon enough! We should know by the end of this month, so stay tuned. And no, I have no “mothers intuition” of whether it’s a boy or girl… I seriously have NO idea! I wish I did! So we’ll all just have to wait and see πŸ™‚

More to come… For now I’ll leave you with my sorry excuse for a bump photo. I vividly remember when Ashlee was pregnant she would say how her baby bump would be so much bigger after eating a burrito, and I couldn’t believe that could be true. Could food really make the baby belly come out? And now I can tell you with great confidence.. YES it does. This was the day after I enjoyed a huge Italian dinner, hence my more curvy state. When I woke up the next morning it was almost like it never happened. Boo! I’m excited for this little one to make more of an appearance in the next few weeks!
{First photo by Laura Nelson Photography – can’t wait to share more of our shoot with her! She is ah-may-zing!}

51 thoughts on “{We’re Having a Baby!!!}”

  1. What lovely news! You make a very pretty pregnant lady πŸ™‚ Many congratulations – welcome to the world of parenthood! L x

  2. WOW!!! I knew that would be happenins sometime soon! when you guys moved back home I thought hmmmm….Congratulations!!!! SO exciting!!

  3. I was wondering when you guys would announce baby news after moving back home & buying a house πŸ™‚ Can't wait for all the bump pictures!

  4. yayyyyy liz and corey!!!! this is SUCH exciting news. i hope you continue to blog throughout the pregnancy because i am just so excited for you guys. i have followed your blog for over two years now and it has always been one of my favorites. you will be such great parents and little denfeld will be very lucky!

  5. Congratulations!!! So exciting!!! Your bump (even if it is mostly a dinner bump πŸ™‚ is so cute! Can't wait to read more about your journey through this!

  6. I love that you linked to me in that context, HA. True story: we took Christmas card photos when I was around 18 weeks pregnant and Brett and I went to in-n-out burger 20 minutes before our shoot so I could scarf down a giant cheeseburger before our pictures so the bump would be more obvious. Do what you gotta do, girl! πŸ˜‰ SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

  7. Congrats again! Bummer you had a rough go the first trimester but here's hoping the sickies are behind you. I was a lucky one with zero morning sickness, I was just always hungry…so, so hungry! As a new mom I can tell you it is so fun. Enjoy the time you have now with your husband and pup. I know it is hard to do because you are SOO excited for the little one to arrive, but things are about to change (for the better) and even though the new days ahead are so fun, there are lots of 'fun' stuff about your old life you're sure to miss….like sleep, alone time, tv, visits with friends, quiet dinners, movies, etc! Enjoy the journey.

    Can't wait to see your cute little bump get bigger. So many exciting changes ahead.

  8. Congrats! I can't believe you moved into your house and everything while being sick- already a super mom! Not to mention you're still working!

  9. SOOOO happy for you two!!! soon to be three!!!! your bump looks perfectly presh and iiiiii'm with ya on the gender finding out!!! heck yes!!! can't wait to hear the news!!! yaaaay babies!!!

  10. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! CONGRATS!!! Such wonderful and exciting news :):):) I wish you and hubby and baby everything of the best during your pregnancy… (and beyond) πŸ™‚ Stay happy and healthy… much love, Robyn from Sunny South Africa πŸ™‚

  11. So happy for you Liz!! The first trimester can be so tough, especially when you are keeping it a secret from the world!!! Being a mom is the best thing ever!!


  12. I just found your blog via Lauren and Megan's blogs, and am so happy that I stumbled over here and saw the joyous news! So, so very happy for you and your family, and I cannot wait to follow you along on your journey to motherhood/even more adventures! Congratulations, Liz!

  13. Congratulations! I have been following your blog for so long and this is my first comment- very happy for you and excited to see many baby posts to come!

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