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{Happy Friday + Meet Jenna!}

Happy, happy Friday!!!
You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t blogged since last Friday.
Well, Tuesday I got really sick with the stomach flu or food poisoning or something that had me completely bed-ridden and miserable. 
That put me out of commission until Thursday. 
Thursday was an insane day at work because it was my last day in the office before our two week trip to South Africa (!!!). 
And right now, as you read this, I am in London for the day.
So needless to say, it has been a craaazzzyyyy week and I have many things on my to-do list that have yet to get done.
But alas, tomorrow we’re off to Africa. A place I honestly never even dreamed of going. It just seemed so far away. We couldn’t be more excited! 
Everything we’ve read and heard about South Africa is that it’s the most incredible place in the world.
As I was packing I realized that I completely forgot how to prepare for big trips like this – it’s our first vacation over a week since our honeymoon in 2010!
I have a feeling I didn’t do a very good job packing for all our activities, but only time will tell 🙂

I have this crazy idea that I’m going to blog a photo and a travel memory  each day(ish). While we’re gone. Knowing me, I can’t be sure this will actually happen. But I’m putting it out there because I want it to happen. I think it’d be really awesome to look back on, and I also think it would be fun to keep you guys updated on what we’re up to. It may be a photo from my camera or just one from my phone (but I promise it won’t be one I already instagramed). So, wish me luck with that!
And last, but certainly not least I want to introduce you to another sponsor! It’s particularly awesome and coincidental that I’m introducing you to Jenna from A Home Away From Home this week because she just so happens to live in South Africa!! In my opinion she puts my blog to shame as she posts about all her incredible and unique travels through Africa.   She got engaged to the love of her life last summer and is planning on getting married in South Africa this December! You should really head over and check out her exciting life. I have a feeling she’ll become a new daily read for those of you that don’t already know her! A little more about Jenna below (in her own words!).
Hello Explore.Dream.Discover readers!  My name is Jenna and I blog over at A Home Away From Home about my life as an American ex-pat living in South Africa.  South Africa started out as a semester study abroad experience for me, but after I met and fell in love with a local I just sort of never left, and still find myself here five years later!  Most of my posts are about our adventures in and around Johannesburg, but you’ll also find plenty of travel, ex-pat, and recipe posts thrown in for good measure.  And… in the most recent turn of events Jurgen proposed {!!!}, so you can bet that a quite a few wedding-related posts will also be making their way into the mix soon 🙂  I hope you’ll stop by and say hello!

10 thoughts on “{Happy Friday + Meet Jenna!}”

  1. Thanks for having me today Liz! Can't wait to hear all about SA – I know you guys are going to have a beyond amazing time 🙂


  2. I cannot cannot wait to see all the photos from your vacation! I'm seriously giddy. I want to go to Africa so bad. I totally expect a run down of all things to do in Africa when you get back ; ) Ekkk I just know your photos are going to be nothing short of amazing!

  3. Hope you're having a good time in London despite the bug, I also came down with something terrible this week so who knows what's going around! And of course, have a great time in South Africa, you're going to LOVE it there!

  4. I am so excited for your South Africa trip. That is my dream vacation! By the way, one of my friends did a cage dive there and got to see great white sharks. If you're feeling super brave, that might be cool!

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