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{Madrid: Around Town}

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When we moved to Europe we made a huge list of cities we wanted to visit while we were living abroad. The list was long. Way too long to accomplish seeing all these beautiful places in two years. We’ve put a dang good dent in those cities, but there are still many on our list. One that wasn’t on our list? Madrid.
To be honest, as an American, you hear way more about Barcelona than you do about Madrid. And I remember a year and a half ago when we researched Madrid for a quick weekend away, we realized there really weren’t any notable sites we felt like we had to see, so we scratched it off our list.
Well, then Nicole moved to Madrid and she raved about how incredible it was – even saying it was more amazing than Barcelona. I trust that girl’s opinion, so a few months after she moved Corey and I booked a quick weekend visit. I am so glad we did. Madrid isn’t about any specific sites, it’s just about being a big beautiful city packed with charm, beautiful architecture and really good Italian food (What! I know, strange, but true.). We so enjoyed our weekend in Madrid and only wished it would’ve been a teensy bit warmer (but when do we not wish that?!). Hanging out with Nicole is always such a treat! And what’s not to love about having a personal city guide?! She showed us all the best parts of her new home. Here are some snaps from all around town. I hope they give you an idea of just how gorgeous Madrid is!
P.S. A few travel tips below the photos if you’re looking for Madrid suggestions 🙂
 {If you find yourself in Madrid – here are a few places we suggest you don’t miss (many pictured above!): Retiro Park, Mercado de San Miguel, Chocolateria San Gines (for the most amazing churros – be prepared to wait in line), Plaza de Oriente, al fresco lunch at Cafe de Oriente, Plaza Mayor, Vertical Garden at CaixaForum followed by coffee and a treat at the Vertical Cafe, Templo de Debod, and my biggest tip of all (thanks to Nicole), dinner at Piccolo Diavolo – get the pasta with pear and ricotta. I know it sounds crazy, and we were totally skeptical, but Nicole convinced us it was the best thing she’s ever eaten, and goodness was she right. We returned the next night to have that dish!}
{We stayed here. We found the location to be great, the price to be fantastic, and the place was comfortable and cute}

29 thoughts on “{Madrid: Around Town}”

  1. We had planned to do Madrid on our trip around Spain but completely ran out of time. We saw the city as we made our way from the train station to our hotel near the airport but it looked gorgeous. I'd love to go back!

    (The airBnB place looks great – I've yet to book through them but will have to try it out sometime!)

  2. Madrid has never been high on my list, actually, probably sadly, Spain in general really hasn't either. Since I get to Europe probably once every 10 years as an adult, my list is sooo long!! I already had to bump up Amsterdam after seeing all your gorgeous pics so where is Spain to go? 🙂 Someday. Someday!

  3. Madrid looks incredible! I've been so inspired by all of the recent travel pictures you've taken! You have had such a cool opportunity to live in and explore another side of the world. Have fun with the rest of your travels!

  4. Madrid was by far my favorite place to visit when I lived in Europe! It is so gorgeous and I loved it. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope that now it will be higher on people's lists!

  5. Your photos are beautiful! And i love everything you said about Madrid and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    I think it's not a touristy/sightseeing city like Barcelona, but it's a wonderful place to”just be” (as stupid as that may sound). Glad you went to see the Templo de Debod, i loved it there, especially in the evening.
    If you have a chance to visit agein: Campo del Moro (a park behind the palace), the city hall (Palacio de Communicationes) and the Atocha train station are great spots!

  6. Madrid looks beautiful. I actually sometimes like going to a city that doesn't have notable sights, because then you don't feel like you have to rush around and see them all. You just slow down and enjoy. Glad you had a great lil getaway! The food looks and sounds amazing!

  7. Madrid looks beautiful! When I was in Spain a few years ago I also chose to stick to Barcelona over Madrid… but since then I've been hearing so many incredible things about the capital 🙂 Next time I'll definitely be adding it to my list!


  8. You've got to go back sometime for the Christmas markets! Oh, and if your husband is a sports fan, take him on a tour of the Real Madrid stadium…it's a guys' paradise. You can even see the locker room and sit in the coaches' seats!

  9. Beautiful photos! And I totally agree with your commentary – I went to Madrid a couple of years ago and I liked it so much more than I thought I would, even more than Barcelona! And the food was soooo gooood. It's one of the most underrated European cities, at least in my opinion.

  10. Spain has amazing Italian food!! We take an annual trip to Tarragona. We're always saying we'll try more Spanish food but we can't stop eating the spaghetti bolognesa!

  11. I felt the same way about Madrid after visiting there and Barcelona – I was surprised I liked Madrid better after everyone telling me how amazing Barcelona is! It's so fun reading your posts when the two of you meet up because I'm obsessed with both of your blogs! Keep the meet up's coming!

  12. Beautiful pictures, as always! I visited Madrid while I was abroad in college, and your photos brought back a lot of great memories. I always love following along with all of your amazing travels!

  13. I have never been to Barcelona – and I'm like the only one of my friends who hasn't – but Madrid… oh I love Madrid! It's one of my favorite cities hands down. I love all of the plazas, the people, the food… it was fantastic! 🙂

  14. Oooh my, I totally saw you guys on the airport in Madrid on Friday 1st of February, of course I was too shy to say something! But let me tell you, your green coat is just way to pretty!! 🙂 Saludos de Espana!

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