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{Snow Day!}

Well, remember last week when I said “Hopefully I won’t have anymore snow photos to share with you anytime soon”… I clearly spoke to soon because Sunday morning we woke up to a beautiful blanket of fresh white powder! But seeing as it was Sunday and I didn’t have anywhere to be (more specifically, a train to be on headed towards the office…) I was giddy with excitement. I practically jumped out of bed, threw on 17 layers of clothes and took off for a snowy morning walk with my boys. It was early enough that most of the city was still sleeping, so we had the fresh snow all to ourselves. I loved every minute of it! Now that it’s back to work for the week I am back to hoping it doesn’t snow again… At least until the weekend 🙂
 {Photos © Liz Denfeld Photography}

46 thoughts on “{Snow Day!}”

  1. Wow Amsterdam looks like a proper Winter wonderland! Lucky you! I understand how that can be annoying when you need to go to work though. I'm living in England and the weather has been terrible as well..

    I love the trees in your photos. I find it's rare the snow actually sticks to them. They look like white fluffy feather dusters (or not!).


  2. loving these photos and your blog. my family and i are moving to AMS from PDX in less than 2 weeks. perhaps we'll cross paths. thanks for the great blog, it is helping me to get excited!

  3. I keep thinking the same thing! This snowfall was specially nice though the way it just outlined every little twig and feature! I've just crossed the country back to Zwolle from my boyfriend's place just outside Amsterdam and there's no snow left here. Not sure whether to be sad or delighted 😉

  4. Don't you love how quiet the world gets when it snows? Sure, it's freezing, but I really do think there's a calm that follows a fresh snowfall! Glad you got outside to enjoy it! (Then again, half the fun is going inside after and warming up with some hot chocolate!)

  5. Oh my god, your pictures are BEAUTIFUL. You have firmly cemented Amsterdam at the top of my must-travel-to list. And your puppies? ADORABLE!!!! x

  6. I am not a snow person. At all. I love the sun and the beach. But these pictures? They make me want to get bundled up, hot cocoa in hand, and stand under falling snowflakes. So pretty!

  7. Can you ship the golden retriever to me? Henry does look quite wonderful as well. I love the snowy Amsterdam scenes, such great shots!

  8. Amsterdam is so gorgeous in the snow! it makes me want to live someplace cold again.

    also, who is the new pup?? yours? or someone else's?

  9. I want to scoop up that puppy dog and keep him!
    What a breathtaking morning. As much as I'm sure you're ready for Spring/WARM weather to get there, those are some spectacular memories to have!

    Meanwhile I'm shivering and it's 60 out.

    Love, your pathetic island friend

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