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{Winter Weather}

Yesterday I finished reading Luisa Weiss’s “My BerlinKitchen”. I loved the book for so many reasons – for inspiring me to cook more, for making me long for a trip to Paris, New York, Berlin and Italy, but most of all for how much I could relate to her writing. One passage in the entire book really stuck with me, as I happen to be in the middle of one of these merciless winters she writes of – just not in Berlin, but in Amsterdam instead.
It’s not that it’s particularly cold here – although for me it is! – but it’s more that the sun rarely shines. The darkness feels never-ending, waking up in pitch black, leaving the office in pitch-black. And don’t even get me started on how one single snowflake sends the Dutch train system into a tizzy. There will barely be a dusting on the ground and trains get canceled left and right, leaving us stranded in the cold. Winters in Amsterdam are bleak and I feel like I’m on the verge of a meltdown – I need some sun, stat!
Truth be told – Holland is stunning in the snow. And even though I am already tired of it and hoping it doesn’t make any more appearances this winter, I am trying to focus on that beauty instead of the annoyance it causes. Here are a few iPhone photos from this winter in Amsterdam so far. Hopefully I won’t have anymore snow photos to share with you anytime soon 😉

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  1. Winter in the UK is just like this too- we also get into a snow tizzy!!! Amsterdam looks so beautiful, I really want to go there soon! X

  2. that quote is pretty funny (“the city's doing it's best to try and get you to leave”)! it looks sooo cold there! i didn't realize how cold it got in the winter. hopefully spring is just around the corner. 🙂

  3. You gotta love an inspiring book!! I am so jealous of this post in so many ways. You have the most adorable relationship. GORGEOUS photos and obviously skilled in Photography. AND I am jealous that I have not been on this trip! So gorgeous!!!

  4. I feel for you 🙁 im from chicago so i know how cold and dreary it can make you feel. now i live in the DR and the sun is SO HOT all the time! I love the sun but these pictures make me want to book a trip to holland! enjoy the beauty now because you wont have to live with that weather forever!

  5. All of these photos are gorgeous! But I completely understand where you're coming from. I can only handle so much rain here in Oregon, and I start counting down the days until summer right after the holidays! Hopefully your recent trip to Spain helped 🙂

  6. I remember feeling the exact same way during my winter in Amsterdam – even though we get way more snow in Canada, and it gets a lot colder here, we always get sunshine! In Amsterdam, it seems like the sun won't shine for months at a time, which can be a little depressing. I think we took off to Malta for a few days one winter just to escape the darkness, and I remember thinking how much I missed the sight of the sun! Hang in there, it's almost spring(hopefully!)

  7. I know what you mean! If there is one thing here in Australia that I dont miss about Europe (or Germany in particular) are the long, cold, dark winter days. Your pictures however look amazing and looking at them I wish I could visit Amsterdam when there is snow everywhere!!
    Spring is not far away!! And I am sure the sun is coming back really soon!
    Kristina x

  8. I don't deal too well with the cold, so I'm sure that coupled with total darkness would drive me batty. Hopefully those are the last photos you'll be taking of the snow! Though they're pretty beautiful.

  9. I love the cold and the snow (Canadian girl), but I can definitely see how constant darkness would get old. Most of our days here have been sunny; I'll send some your way!

  10. ahhh-loooks bitterly cold…but beautiful. Find if you have no plans but to cafe hop all day…no good for working sometimes. Enjoy it though…i didn't see any snow again this year.

  11. oh it does look sooo gorgeous in your photos but i completely understand! nashville barely gets any snow and i am always over it pretty quickly! hopefully the warmth will be there before you know it!! or the sunshine at least!

  12. Shoot! I just posted about the sunshine we've been having and cute summer shoes that reminded me of you and now I see the winter you're having. I suck! Hope the sunshine makes its way back to you in Amsterdam my friend!!!!

  13. I am reading Luisa's book right now and love her writing! She had a reading here in Berlin a few weeks back that left me so inspired to continue to explore the city and also left me longing for spring. Berlin winters are brutal and a constant topic of conversation is the depression everyone suffers from during the long grey winter months. This year was especially difficult returning after 2 weeks in California to a grey city and we went over 2 weeks without a glimpse of sunshine. Amsterdam looks so beautiful covered in snow! I have to say, I LOVE the snow and it makes the cold and grey days much more tolerable when everything is white.

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