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{Montreux, Switzerland}

Before our trip to Switzerland, I’d honestly never heard of the city of Montreux. We passed through it by train on our way from Geneva to Val d’illiez and noted how beautiful it looked perched on the edge of Lake Geneva, the Alps appearing to plunge right down into its waters right before your eyes.  We were so captivated that we decided we’d day trip back to check it out. Unfortunately, had we done our research ahead of time we would’ve realized that Montreux is home to one of Switzerland’s best Christmas Markets. We were a day late, and walked through the market as all the vendors were closing up shop for the year. We were bummed we missed it, but happy we chose the day we did to visit because it was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining and it glimmered so brilliantly off the water that it really did blind you (in the best way possible). We were so enjoying the sun and our perfect walk along the Lakeside Promenade that we ended up abandoning our original plan to visit the Chateau de Chillon. I’m a little sad we didn’t make it there, but happy we spent time basking in the sun instead! The entire time we walked along the water’s edge I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing Montreux must be in the summertime. I decided right then and there we had to come back someday – hopefully when the weather was warmer!
 {Photos © Liz Denfeld Photography}

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  1. I've actually been to Montreux before! I didn't spend a lot of time there, but I have been. 🙂 it always excites me to see bloggers write about places I've been instead of places I want to go. the château is really interesting, so if you have time in the future you definitely should try to go back! Lord Byron visited back in the day and left his name carved in the dungeon.

  2. I love Montreux and having living in Bern, we visited quite often in the summer! You definitely have to return – you can also hike above the lake in the vineyards, its beautiful! Afterwards go and swim in the lake! Ahhh, makes me miss Switzerland 🙂

  3. I actually went this past September and it was stunning! I would also recommend hiking the Lavaux vineyards – it was so picturesque with Lake Geneva in the background 🙂

  4. We passed by here on our way back from Zermatt and so wished we would have stopped. So pretty! Your photos capture it wonderfully!! I'd love to see Lake Geneva in the summer, too!

  5. Lovely pictures Liz! Until a couple of weeks ago I used to live at the border to Switzerland and always enjoyed the trips we took to explore this beautiful country. So glad to hear that you enjoyed your time there too!
    Quick question: Would you mind sharing where your purse and boots are from? They look like the perfect accessorize for traveling in the winter time!

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