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{Sister Time in Manhattan Beach}

After our two-year anniversary, I flew out to Portland the next day. I couldn’t go back to the U.S. without a visit to LA to see my sisters, so that’s exactly what I did for one weekend! I finally got to see Manhattan Beach, the adorable beach town my sister Anna lives in, and even got some pool and beach time, which is pure luxury for an Amsterdammer. One night in Manhattan Beach we saw the most beautiful sunset – it absolutely rivaled the ones I saw in Greece! It really did look like the sky was painted with watercolors. My sisters literally had to pull me away from taking photos because we were about to lose our dinner reservation! It was just so stunning. Lucky for me I just booked a trip back to see them again in May, so I’m hoping I see another amazing sunset or two!
  {Photos ©  Liz Denfeld}

29 thoughts on “{Sister Time in Manhattan Beach}”

  1. I love the glow! (and your colorful maxi skirt) This is exactly what I pictured southern CA looking like when I was little and getting into Malibu Barbie haha 🙂

  2. Your sister is a lucky gal! I visit Hermosa Beach (right next door) often and it's such a beautiful and fun location! Great photos. You girls look gorgeous!

  3. you guys seriously with the best looking and best dresses sisters award!

    isn't manhattan beach great! and i love that you can bike along the beach and all the fun beach bars and restaurants… suuureeee you want to relocate to portland and not southern california??!!!

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