{Love for Sandy Hook}

While I normally don’t post on this blog because I’m just too busy with day-to-day life, this week I’ve been intentionally silent. Mostly because I just don’t have the right words to speak about the tragic events that happened in Newton last week. But also because I am just so incredibly sad, I was taking time to be quiet and mourn and think. Blogging about anything else just felt wrong…
I’m not sure how something so terrible could happen and I have spent so many hours thinking about how the United States can change things so this never, ever happens again. I certainly don’t have the answers, but I hope that this tragedy, yet another senseless mass shooting, is the final straw that wakes everyone up and makes us take action. I am praying that by the time I have children and send them off to school, I won’t have to be scared, but instead can think back to the horrific events at Sandy Hook Elementary as the catalyst to radical change that helped keep my babies safe. Maybe that is the only glimmer of hope in this unfathomable situation. We can’t let the deaths of these innocent children and heroic adults be in vain.
I’m praying for everyone affected by this tragedy. If you want to help Sandy Hook, here are a few ways you can do so:
Send your condolences. Sandy Hook has set up a P.O. Box  for such mail: 
P.O. Box 3700
Newtown, Connecticut 06470
Donate to the United Way fund set up to to provide support services to the families and community members.

14 thoughts on “{Love for Sandy Hook}”

  1. i have the same hopes as you, our country is so good at bickering back and forth but let's continue to hope this will be our wake up call and things can change. families shouldn't have to be scared to send their kids to school, teachers shouldn't have to be afraid to go to work and most importantly, our children shouldn't have to be scared to leave the house. newton leaves a void in all of us.

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  3. I was already planning to homeschool my kids someday … I don't want to imprison them, but gosh. I want them to be safe. It was such an awful thing.

  4. so well said. it's horrific. my family lives just towns over from newtown and my mom is a teacher. everyone has some kind of connection and everyone has that feeling of “it could have been anywhere”. i pray that this is the final straw to make a serious change for good in this country.

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