{Monday Meal Planning}

I don’t know about you, but figuring out what to eat/make for dinner sometimes feels like the biggest chore on the planet! Especially after a long day at work and a long commute home in the cold and dark. Sometimes we’re really good about meal planning, other times we end up grabbing soup or a sandwich at our corner grocer and calling it a night. This week we’re a little more on the ball, and I thought I’d share what we’re planning on making in case you are looking for dinner inspiration like I always am! Enjoy!

32 thoughts on “{Monday Meal Planning}”

  1. I am the worst meal planner of all time. I can cook for days, but meal planning? Not my strong suit! I'm definitely getting better! That scallop recipe looks amazing, I wish I wasn't allergic 🙁

  2. I agree, meal planning is one of the most brain crunching /head scratching parts of my week. But I just want to take time this week for the food that I DO have, rather than complain about too many options. Yummy selections!

  3. Luke & I need to get back to doing this again. Makes the cooking seem so much easier when you have a plan! Good call on adding the gyros to the list! 🙂 So easy & delish!

  4. I menu plan every week! It helps me stay on budget at the store. I looked up the recipes for the gyros and the scallops and creamy leeks…these are going on the plan ASAP!! Though I might have to use shrimp instead of scallops as my hubby does not like them!

  5. I love to be organised and plan meals and shopping but sometimes, mostly due to my fussy boyfriend, it doesnt work out. But these are great recipes that I will have to try, the lentil coconut soup is a winner already!

  6. Meal planning is so important for eating well! I was doing it a few months ago, but I stopped when we moved and I really want to get back into it. I hate grocery shopping and deciding what to cook, but if I get it all done and out of the way on Sunday it really helps with the rest of the week! Good job! Those scallops look awesome!

  7. I could not agree with you more on “what to fix for dinner” being the worst part of the day/week . . . . right up there with grocery shopping – UGH! Just this weekend I 'pinned' some recipes and am going to TRY to get back to weekly meal planning. Now I have 5 more great recipes to try. Thanks for the inspiration, and the kick in the behind to get organized!

  8. ahhh liz my hubs and i deal with this every week too! if i don't plan ahead for all of my meals i will end up going to the grocery store 579 times in one week and spending $4,987.00 each time. Soooooo I'm with ya on the planning ahead! I love your ideas and I may just use some of these this week too!! happy monday! xox

  9. That red lentil soup looks amazing! We also try and meal plan every week, tonight we're having pasta with smoked salmon and asparagus mmm

  10. I want to know how the quinoa fried rice is- looks delicious. Also, I 'm thinking the apple crisp is a must and you could probably sub lots of different fruits!

  11. seriously! biggest chore ever. husband and i both hate trying to figure it out. i really need to work on it! and i am maj impressed with your menu for the week.

  12. such great meals planned!! i always meal-plan and it makes such a big difference in my planning/stress level for the week! how were the greek wraps??

  13. This ALL looks so good and I am needing some new recipes – definitely going to try all of these! Thanks for sharing. I wish I would stop talking about planning my weekly meals out and actually do it for once!

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