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{Salzburg, Austria // Mirabell Gardens}

I made it back to Amsterdam! While I fight my jet lag, I thought I’d share some eye candy with you. I’m still catching up on travel posts from this summer – crazy, right?! 

You may remember back in July my brother and sister-in-law came to visit Amsterdam. We took a trip to Munich together and did a few day trips from there. Salzburg was one of them! It was our first time in Austria and it made me so excited to go back in December. What a stunning place!

We didn’t go to Salzburg with much of a plan other than to just stroll around and check out the city. We just happened upon the Mirabell Gardens and I am so glad we did because they ended up being my absolute favorite part of the city! Everything was so perfectly manicured and breathtakingly beautiful – I could’ve spent our entire day there!
{Photos ©  Liz Denfeld}

21 thoughts on “{Salzburg, Austria // Mirabell Gardens}”

  1. you always look so dressed up and put together while traveling! When I backpacked around Europe I wore workout pants and stuff pretty much the whole time, just due to comfort and ease of packing my tiny backpack every weekend. My pics would be so much better if I had your style!

  2. Usually I am not a fan of overly manicured lawns (maybe it's my own lack of gardening skills), but the colors in these gardens are gorgeous! You definitely don't need a filter or retouching on these photos.

  3. We visited in February, and the whole time I was saying “I wonder what it looks like in the summer?”

    It looks adorable, obviously.

  4. Wow, this is beautiful! I just found your blog from Marshalls Abroad. I would love to know where you purchased that skirt–it is amazing!

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  6. The Mirabell Gardens are delightful,no wonder they are well known gardens!They were opened to the public by Emperor Franz Joseph in 1854 and are known as a horticultural masterpiece.A dazzling fountain,is the Pegasus Fountain,which has four groups of statues surrounding it.These symbolize the 4 components which are fire,air,earth and water.
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