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{Italy: The Bad & The Ugly}

I debated for a few hours if I should first tell you about the awesome 24 hours I had in Italy, or if I should first tell you about the 48+ hours that followed that were pretty much my worst nightmare come to life…
I decided I’d start with the bad, so I could get it in my past as soon as possible, and make it stay there forever.
Long story short, I got a bad case of food poisoning on our awesome blogger blate in Italy. Most of you will wonder what I ate that made me so sick.. I wish it was something more cool and obvious, but it was a nectarine(of all things!) I bought at a super tiny, crappy little convenience store in Florence. It had clearly been cross contaminated with some nasty bacteria because it didn’t take long for me to get sick. 

Poor Megan and Lauren had to endure me upchucking all over Florence (in bathrooms, on the street, on the side of the highway…) and then throughout the night and even into the next day at our lovely villa outside of Lucca. That felt like the longest night of my life. I swore I was dying and I needed a hospital. It was awful. Only made more awful by the fact that my body was so torn apart and depleted that even when the throwing up had stopped, I was too weak to go anywhere or do anything for the entire rest of the trip.
There are so many other awful details, but for now I’d rather just focus on the fact that I’m slowly but surely getting my strength back, I’m back in my bed in Amsterdam and that Megan, Lauren and their guys (and of course Corey!) were the sweetest and best caretakers. It could’ve been really terrible and awkward to be sick around people I didn’t know very well, but they made me feel so comfortable, and I’m forever grateful for that.
So for all of you who have ever read my blog and felt even in a twinge of jealousy… here you go. Crappy things happen on awesome travel adventures, too! And I’m here to report back on those as your loyal travel blogger 🙂 I’ll be sharing the few photos I have from our Italian getaway just as soon as I’m feeling up for it. Hopefully soon!
P.S. Thanks for all of your thoughtful and concerned comments and tweets on Instagram & Twitter – they kept me great company while I was up in the middle of the night!
{you can always rely on bloggers to document everything, even me being sick on the couch! Thanks for the photo Lauren 🙂 }

43 thoughts on “{Italy: The Bad & The Ugly}”

  1. Oh Liz, I'm so sorry! Food poisoning is the worst. So glad you were surrounded by some wonderful people during all of it, and glad you are feeling better!

  2. So sorry this happened to you! Being sick is the worst. And being sick when you are away from home is the worst of the worst. Hope you feel 100% soon!

  3. oh my goodness, this is always my worst fear when traveling because having food poisoning is the worst of the worst, let alone while away from home. So sorry that your trip wasn't better 🙁

  4. I think this definitely means you get a “Do Over!” I think that the three of you should just go ahead and set a date for your next Italian Blate. I hope you feel better soon!!


  5. That is such rotten luck! I spent ten days completely out of it with food poisoning in Vietnam a few years ago and it was miserable. All I wanted was the privacy of my own house (and bathroom!). Hope you are feeling better 🙂 Alli

  6. I had a similar experience in Barcelona and it was HORRENDOUS! I still shudder when I think of it. So sorry that it happened to you on what was meant to be an epic weekend in Italy. Perhaps Megan's wedding can make up for it?!

  7. Oh what a terrible experience. So sorry Italy did not go according to plan. Getting so sick while traveling has got to be the worst! Glad your feeling better!

  8. Such a bummer! I'm so so so sorry. Food poisoning is the absolute worse, especially when you aren't at home in your own bed. My worst food poisoning experience happened in a little hotel in China and I also seriously thought I was going to die. Luckily those days are behind us now!!!


  9. Poor girl! I was so jealous of all of you, but not enough to wish that crap on you! Well, you guys will have to plan another trip I guess. 😉

  10. It's so true …. fp can totally wreck your being …. your entire system for days and days. It happened to us earlier this year. Guess what we ate that made us so, so very-very ill? Bread! Yes …. a loaf of bakery bread purchased from a reliable (???) small coffee/sandwich shop. The experience was horrible. I could not eat anything for almost 4 days.

    Got to be highly cautious what we consume. It could be the most simplest piece or type of food.

    Get better soon Liz.


  11. oh gosh that is awful and such a bummer on the timing of it all. Megan and Lauren seem awesome – so at least you were in good company! Might just have to plan a second blate 😉

  12. I am so sorry to hear that is how your trip went! I was looking forward to the future posts of your blate in Tuscany. At least now you have an excuse to go back 🙂 Hope you're back to feeling 100% yourself again soon!

  13. ugh. you know how i feel about this. missing out on all that Italian food is just criminal. (to say nothing of the company you were missing…) just so glad you're feeling better.

  14. How awful! Can't wait to hear about the good part of the story. I'm far to familiar with this side of the story. I had horrible food poisoning while staying at a hotel over the summer. I knew it was from the breakfast I ordered to our room. It was so miserable!

  15. I'm sorry! I've had food poisening once in my life from the Olive Garden, I too thought I really was going to die. To this day I can't do Olive Garden…hope you are on the mend 🙂

  16. poor poor thing. that is just the worst and i'm sure you wanted your own bed so bad! glad you're feeling better. i'm going to make sure i wash my fruit very well here from now on. I kind of have this idea that everything in europe has no pesticides and blah blah so i don't wash things as much or as well as i would in the states.

  17. I remember when my young son had food poisoning and looked up at me as I held his head and said “I'm really gonna die aren't I mama?” Awww…….

    So sorry that happened!

  18. Oh no! Food poisoning is so nasty 🙁 Isn't it crazy that after so many years of humanity enduring it, we have no way of stopping or curing it?? That befuddles me!

  19. so sorry you got sick, sweet liz!! i know that was the worst timing ever!! can't wait to hear about the good part of the trip, and leave this way in the past 😉
    and glad you are feeling better every day!! xoxo

  20. How horrible for you! I got food poisoning on my very first night visiting Paris for the first time and it was AWFUL! Paris definitely wasn't the most romantic city that weekend!

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