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{Travel Help Needed!}

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Happy Saturday! I’ve been enjoying a super lazy day. Drinking coffee, editing a family session, booking a trip to Venice, giving Henry a bath, g-chatting with Megan.. It’s been fun. I needed a day to just sit home and get some stuff done and relax. Next up is unpacking my giant suitcase from the States (yes, I’ve been back for 6 days and still haven’t unpacked – don’t judge).
I thought maybe you’d be out there enjoying a lazy weekend catching up on blogs and might be able to spend some time helping me with something. We’re planning a pretty epic train trip over our Christmas break (work gives us a whole week off – awesome!). I am so excited for the cities we have lined up, but there is so much planning to be done I hardly know where to begin. I was hoping I could share the lineup with you and if you have been to any of the places, let me know if you recommend a hotel or things to do, etc. You guys always give the best advice! Right now I’m most interested in places to stay, but I’m all ears for great sights and great restaurants as well. Thanks in advance!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
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  1. This looks amazing Liz! They look like perfect “Christmas” places to visit – mountains, snow… Unfortunately, I cannot offer you any advice.

    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. My favorite spots in Austria are Salzburg, Innsbruck, and Graz. I would spent the least amount of time in Vienna, I felt like there was less to do there than we expected unless you are very musical. Switerland is equally beautiful! Enjoy your vacation.

  3. ahhh i am so excited for you that you get to go to interlaken!! i was studying abroad last semester and traveled quite a bit and that was HANDS DOWN my favorite place! i still dream about it! it was just absolutely breathtaking and you can't help but think that everything in your life is perfect while you're there.

    since i was a student i don't really have any suggestions on where to stay since we stayed at a hostel but i think there were some families there so maybe there's some rooms with larger beds for couples? it was called balmer's and this is their website it was the most fun place we ever stayed at, the decor was super fun and the people were really helpful. plus the location was great, granted everything in that town is probably good location because it's a cute small town.

    also went to vienna but again, stayed at a hostel so no suggestions there. as for what to do: i would check out one of the palaces but definitely not all of them, it's a lot of the same. we did the schonbrunn palace because it has a zoo on the grounds which is the oldest zoo and was actually incredible! however we went in the winter too and it was FREEZING cold and there were no flowers throughout the grounds like there would be in spring or summer. randomly our favorite thing we did there was climb to the top of the tower of st. stephen's(?) church. it was just really cool to be above the whole city and see all the way to the distant hills and mountains. you can get so confused and caught up walking by all these buildings and not really get your bearings for the whole city, until you see it from above.

    okayyyy sorry for rambling, hope some of that helps, i'm just so excited for you! (and a wee bit jealous!)

  4. Hello! In Vienna we stayed at The Ring hotel. A small boutique hotel. Location was great, we were able to walk everywhere. Just down the street from the Opera House. Price was reasonable as well.

  5. How exciting! You will love it, pretty amazing places! But one week? That is going to be a tough schedule 🙂
    I have stayed in Innsbruck at the Hilton once for business, pretty convenient, I could walk in the city. Besides I used to live too close to Interlaken, Lucerne and Chamonix to actually have to stay there overnight. But I will shoot you an email soon with things I recommend you doing in Interlaken and Lucerne 🙂 Are you going to ski?
    Have a lovely Sunday! x

  6. It's actually 10 days – we're taking a little extra time off from what we are getting from work! So that's good 🙂

    I'd love an email with recommendations! We don't ski, we are more just going for the ambiance of a snowy vacation in the alps 🙂

  7. I've been to Chamonix (ah-freakin-dorable) and stayed at Club Med the week before Christmas (great if you're a skier). The week before Christmas is the first week they are open in the season so rates are very cheap. Food and rooms were great, and they had the cutest Christmas decorations 🙂 I didn't ski much, but nipped into cafes to read (great macaroons in that city) and they have nice spas, but not a lot of shopping for anything other than ski gear.

    In Vienna I stayed in a great, 2 bedroom modern apartment on Maria Theresen Strasse in February Near the ring road and you can walk/bus to the city center (5-10 minutes away). Lots of restaurants nearby. You can read about it here and do have lunch at Le Loft in Vienna – one of the most memorable meals of my life.

  8. Hey Liz! I spent a few days in Vienna about 12 years ago. I remember it being the most expensive place in the context of my Prague/Budapest/Krakow/Vienna trip, but it is beautiful and I absolutely loved Belvedere Palace & Museum's art gallery and grounds. They have a big Klimt collection, and had The Kiss which no print or postcard can do justice to. Not sure if it's part of the permanent collection. Definitely worth a visit!

    PS Had a great time in Berlin this week – thanks for the Cafe Wintergarten and Barcomi's tips! x

  9. chamonix is the bomb dot com. we spent a whole week skiing there last march. you MUST got to Chambre Neuf to soak up their apres ski scene. (are you guys skiing? nevermind, it doesnt even matter. go here around 2:30pm to get a good seat & plan on staying for a couple hours.) It a live-band-singing&swaying-beer-drinking atmosphere.

    This is my one & only piece of advice & you must follow it or we can't be friends anymore.

  10. we have to discuss interlaken before you go. there's a little village you take a gondola to into the mountains but i forget what it's called. its the most beautiful unbelievable view and the village (which isn't even a village just a row of houses with goat farms) sells their goat milk, yogurt, etc out of they're front doors.

  11. I think nicole is referring to Murren. Which is where I'm suggesting you go (: I'd stay there a night just because the view is incredible! Interlaken is a nice base but murren is car free and just far less touristy.

    Lucerne – hotel montana if it's not a fortune is a great place. The chapel bridge, the jesuit church on the other side is one of my faves – in all pastels inside, a boat ride on the william tell with hot chocolate. If you don't stay at hotel montana, go up there for lunch or a hot toddy.

    Vienna – I am obsessed with that city. We stayed at the intercontinental downtown and I was in hog heaven. That city seems so larger than life to me. I loved walking around, and I looooved visiting the belvedere palace.

    You are going to have a blast!!

  12. I went to Chamonix in the summer and it was amazing! I don't know if the tram to the top of a mountain neighboring Mont Blanc runs in the winter, but it was pretty incredible. I went with friends from college so we stayed in a hostel but Chamonix is really the most gorgeous ski town with tons of adorable places to stay. Make sure you go to one of the Fondue places and if you are craving American food this micro brewery was a nice change while living abroad-


  13. Ah, that trip looks so fun! I went to Vienna in March and stayed at the Rainers Hotel, and though it was clean and comfortable (and had a fantastic complimentary breakfast) it was a bit far from the city center. There's a metro stop about a block away, so it wasn't that big of a deal, but if you want a central location, this isn't it. You should try eating at Cafe Museum while you're there, it has the most delicious cakes I've ever, ever had, and it's a pretty cool spot. I look forward to seeing all the beautiful pictures you'll take during your trip!

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