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{Amsterdam Date Night: Pomp Station}

Last week when I was sick I was all sorts of high maintenance.  I was whiny and pathetic and probably a bit demanding of my oh-so-sweet husband. Of course Corey, being the saint that he is, waited on me hand and foot without complaining a bit. To say that I was thankful for all of his help and love is an understatement. When I was feeling better, I decided to show my gratitude by taking him out for a delicious steak dinner. So, Saturday night we got fancied up a bit and headed out for a night on the town.

We started with cocktails at Freddy’s – the old-timey bar in the super luxe Hotel De L’Europe. I had a mint julep, he had an old fashioned. Then we made our way to Pomp Station, a fun restaurant in the east part of the city known for their steaks. I don’t eat beef, but Corey has told me it’s really hard to find a good steak in Amsterdam, so I thought I’d give him the opportunity to give this one a try. We shared a bottle of wine, started our meal with some oysters (fancy!) and even topped it all off with dessert. It was a decadent meal accompanied by a live jazz band (isn’t live music the best?!).

Even though we don’t have kids and most nights could be considered “date nights” – when we go out for a fancy meal together it really is a special occasion and feels like those first dates we had way back when. Nothing refreshes a relationship like good conversation over a good meal. If you’re in Amsterdam looking for a great steak and a great atmosphere – I’d give Pomp Station a try!
{Photos ©  Liz Denfeld}

28 thoughts on “{Amsterdam Date Night: Pomp Station}”

  1. Mmmm – I love a good steak and a good date night.

    I feel the same – Joe & I don't have kids but when we dress up to head out somewhere nice, it feels so special. I relish all of those times now sans bébé!

  2. We go to a place in Bedford called Cafe Angelo's they do this thing called Black Rock – you're given a block of slate or something that's been in the oven and then you cook your steak or chicken yourself – it's pretty good but I always get tense that I'm going to burn myself – It's hot and you are given warning but I'm clumsy!

  3. I've heard of this restaurant but never been before. It's going on my list. I live in The Hague but we make our way to Amsterdam quite often.

    I know what you mean about date nights. We don't have kids either but whenever we get dressed up and go out to dinner is a special occasion.

  4. you're right. just because you don't have kids and every night could be considered a date night, there's something so exciting and special about getting all dressed up and going out and having a really good conversation over some drinks. i love those nights with John, they're very very special.
    I love your lace top by the way!

  5. you look so cute–love your outfit!

    and i have a little one on the way so need to make the most of these dates nights while we have them so easily 🙂

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  7. Can I just ask where you got that red lace top, it is absolutely gorgeous and I've been looking everywhere to find one like that.

  8. Love the outfit!! Where is your amazing top from?? I wish I lived close to you, you might be able to show me how to use my camera.. My husband also named “Corey” bought me a nikon for my graduation last year and I have no clue where to start…

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