{Case of the Mondays + Vlog?}

I’m in the mother of all bad moods today, so I’m not much for words. Thought I’d leave you with another favorite photo from Italy and a question. I’ve had a few requests for a vlog (video blog if you’re not up with the lingo :)… I think vlogs are really cute, when I’m not the one vlogging. But if that’s what ya’ll want, then what can I say? I’m a people pleaser. I figured I’d go the standard route and let you guys ask some questions in the comments (I wanted to keep the comments private, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that…) and I can answer them in a vlog! What do you think? Ask away if you’d like! Feel free to email me questions as well: exploredreamdiscoverblog {at} gmail.com
{Photo ©  Liz Denfeld}

21 thoughts on “{Case of the Mondays + Vlog?}”

  1. Sorry you're in a bad mood – I hate those days!

    I think a vlog is a great idea… I'll ponder what I want to ask and email them on!

  2. I had that day yesterday. Drink wine.

    I'm curious about the most amazing positive thing and the most negative thing that's come out of blogging for you.

  3. i would love if you did a vlog! was hoping to ask you more about your italy trip anyway (where did you stay, what are must-see things, etc) as my husband are hoping to go to the amalfi coast next year (!!!!) so perhaps you could speak about that!?
    p.s. loved how you incorporated family into corey's bday. i teared up at work reading that post!

  4. I feel you on a case of the Mondays girl…but I'm sure it will pass 🙂 My questions for you would be how do you get such amazing pictures of you and Corey when you're traveling?! I always feel awkward when I ask other people to take pictures of us when we're out, but I love getting pics of the two of us…a lot of times when I ask other people to take a picture of us they end up sort of screwing it up, so I was just wondering how you got such great results or if you used a tripod? My other question would be how long you guys plan on living in Europe and if you plan on moving back to Portland…looking forward to your vlog! 🙂

  5. of course, vlog it up! i'm curious about your career. i just quit a job i hated, in a field i realized i didn't want to be in, so i'd love to hear any career advice you have, liz!

  6. my question: i think it's awesome that you and your husband have decided to spend this time abroad and exploring new cultures! how do you and your husband manage the budgeting of all these fabulous trips? i spent a semester abroad and my bank account dropped to zero 🙂 hearing how people balance the budget to make it work is so helpful to me!

  7. I had a horrible Monday too 🙁 hope you're feeling better!! I would love for you to do a vlog:) I would love to know about your travel plans for the next little while!

  8. YES! then we can all pretend like we're getting to meet you.

    my question is.. when are you coming to visit Japan? (;

    hope your day has gotten soo much better and that you had a bottle of wine to wash it away!

  9. Hope today is better than yesterday and you're not feeling so blue! I would like to know what you miss most about living in the states? And what do you love so much about living in Europe that you feel like you were missing out on by growing up in the states?

  10. yesss for a vlog! what's been your favorite trip so far (since living in europa)

    annnnd sorry you had a bummer of a monday friend! hope it gets better and quick! on the bright side, i have a picture of this very same spot- but it's in the nighttime. it was on our way to le sirenuse (:

  11. maybe it's just one of *those* weeks! i hate that you're having a bluh time. mine hasn't started out so great, either. ugh. so you're not alone 🙂 but YES do a vlog. that would be cute!

  12. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well! I would love to see how you cook/bake and tips/tricks to keeping your marriage new. I am getting married in April 2013 and have been with my fiance for five years. We have a great relationship and even greater friendship but there are times we just do the same ol', same ol'. As we are approaching married life, I'm positive it will start new again but to have ideas on how to keep it fun would be great!

  13. I would love to see more pictures of your apartment! And I would ask what is the best/worst thing about living abroad.

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