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{Amalfi Coast: Path of the Gods}

One of the things I miss most about Portland is hiking. We had so many awesome hikes within an hour and a half of our city – from coastal hikes to gorgeous Columbia River Gorge hikes. The Netherlands is super flat (which is great for biking), so we haven’t been on a hike in ages. When we read about the Path of the Gods in our guide book we knew we had to do it.
Our B&B was located in Nocelle, right on the path, so it was super easy to just walk out our door and get going. The entire hike actually takes you from Positano to Praiano, but it takes 6 hours, and let’s be honest, we were still on vacation so I wasn’t interested in that extensive of a workout! 🙂
The walk took us about 2.5 hours from our doorstep in Nocelle to Praiano (another gorgeous, quieter coastal town on the Amalfi Coast). It had the most breathtaking views that for some reason I could not capture with my camera! I hesitated even posting photos, as they really do not do the views justice at all. Around every corner the view got better and better and I was just in complete awe. My heart was so happy. I was smiling the entire 2.5 hours and squealing with excitement! At one point we ran into a herd of sheep and mountain goats! They were maneuvering the cliffs so well – I was so impressed! It was such a fun and unexpected sight.
Once we got down into Nocelle we walked 20 more minutes to the tiny marina in town for a long, lazy lunch right on the water – but more on that another day. 

{Photos ©  Liz Denfeld}

33 thoughts on “{Amalfi Coast: Path of the Gods}”

  1. lizzzzieeee! these photos are killing me! i love that area – nocelle has the most amazing views. actually anywhere in positano takes my breath away. the lambs!! you should see my face right now. halfway with tears and a smile (: so beautiful! thanks for capturing it so incredibly amazingly.

  2. stunning photos! the way they stagger the crops like that reminds me of machu picchu, and that pooch is gorgeous too! your blog makes me long for adventure

  3. yep. knew it. shouldn't have looked. this looks amaaaaaazinnnnnnng. and why didn't i do that hike when i was in positano?!?

  4. That looks breathtaking! Looks like you two got to enjoy most of it with just you and Corey too :)…well besides the sheep 😉

  5. I love finding places that are literally, breathtaking! Spots that you just want to drink everything in, smell all of the smells, turn every corner and relish ever single moment. When you are in a place like that you just can't capture it with a camera — it's such a whole body experience, not just the site!

    I can tell that this is one of those places – you're photos are beautiful but I definitely want to feel the whole experience sometime!

  6. the 5th photo down with you facing the camera reminds me of the Wildwood trail in Forest Park! All of the others are much more unique and beautiful but I can also see the similarities to Portland's greenery. So happy you are having these wonderful experiences!

  7. SO AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing these pictures! I hope you do a post that is like a recap of evertything, or a quick guide on where to go, in Italy. You have done and seen so much!

  8. SO AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing these pictures! I hope you do a post that is like a recap of evertything, or a quick guide on where to go, in Italy. You have done and seen so much!

  9. Amazing! That looks like heaven!

    I am looking forward to hiking the trails in Portland when I get there! Any recommendations?

  10. Isn't it so frustrating when the camera just can't capture it perfectly?!?! This looks beautiful! What an experience!

  11. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and your travel photos make my day. I almost squealed with excitement this morning when I read this post… tomorrow I fly out from Australia to Italy to do a very similar thing. I am spending a week tramping around the Cinque Terre which has walks very similar to those along the Amalfi coastline. You have made my excitement triple! Thank you.

  12. Ahhh it's beyond amazing! I can't even imagine what my reaction would be, being there in real life..goodness. It's too gorgeous!

  13. I keep putting all these amazing places youve gone to on my list of places to go!! What a neat little adventure path!

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