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{50 Tulips}

This weekend we spent nearly the entire two days cleaning our apartment top to bottom in preparation for my Mom’s arrival! When we were almost done I looked around and thought something was missing. Some fresh flowers! I decided I couldn’t think of a better way to make my mom feel welcome in our place than with fresh Holland tulips. Luckily we live ridiculously close to the famous floating flower market in Amsterdam, so we hopped on over and picked up 50 tulips for €12.50! The bunch was so huge we now have tulips scattered throughout every room in our apartment. It’s so lovely! I’d say that was money well spent.
{Photos © Liz Denfeld Photography}

35 thoughts on “{50 Tulips}”

  1. The tulips are gorgeous, and 50/€12.50?? WOW! Also- “The Art of Racing in the Rain”- excellent book. Had me nearly sobbing and clinging to my dogs the whole way through.

  2. Definitely money well spent! Tulips are my favorite, and the color you chose is gorgeous. They brighten up the place so nicely!

  3. I love how you used your tulips in every area of your apartment! I also love your instagram frame! How did you create that? 🙂

  4. So pretty! What a steal. Throwing a few pennies into each vase will prevent the tulips from bending downward too soon 🙂

  5. Absolutely love the tulips! They add such a nice touch to every space you put them in. Also I think this is the first time I've really caught a glimpse of where you live and it looks so pretty! I'm especially in love with your book case and the books on it and that instagram frame! 🙂

  6. Beyond jealous at the price of flowers in Amsterdam! Since everything has to be imported to Malta, 50 tulips would probably cost me 500 euro.
    Love all your vases!

  7. I got a bag of tulip bulbs for my Mother in Law and my Dad while we were at Bloemmarkt – I could have spend hours pottering around looking at all the flowers.

  8. When I was in Amsterdam, I stumbled upon that flower market without even realize it was THE flower market. It just blew me away. So many beautiful flowers that I wish I could have taken home!!

  9. Love fresh flowers in the house, it's that added special touch that a room needs. Tulips are one of my favorite things about spring!

  10. this post is so cheerful and happy! i have been wanting to buy more tulips ever since your instagram with the tulips in the mugs! such a great idea 🙂

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