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{A Mexican Dinner Date in Amsterdam}

Do you want to know what makes me reallyyy happy? New shoes + big hair + margaritas + date night, that’s what. Saturday night the huz and I decided we were in the mood for some chips and salsa and lime margaritas. We’d been hearing a lot about Los Pilones, a Mexican restaurant in Amsterdam. Supposedly it was good Mexican, just like home. Now, I can’t say I was blown away by the food (still on the hunt for an incredible Mexican restaurant here!), but the margaritas. Oh, the margaritas!! Seriously rivaled my favorite Portland margarita (which can be found at Casa del Matador on NW 23rd), which is saying a lot. We had such a fun time on Saturday night. It was just one of those dinners where we didn’t run out of things to talk about, or get tempted by the pull of the iPhone (come on, admit it, it happens to you too!). It felt like date nights back in the day, before we were married and lived together and knew everything about each other. After a few margs the laughter just wouldn’t stop – and yes we got stared at (it was a tiny restaurant), and yes we were totally “those Americans”. But I was having way too much fun to care about any of that. It’s nights like Saturday (and Friday) that I never want to forget. 
And a couple iPhone snaps!
{Photos © Liz Denfeld Photography}

P.S. My shoes are from Zara and I used Katie’s tutorial to do my hair!

35 thoughts on “{A Mexican Dinner Date in Amsterdam}”

  1. I recently had one of those dates with my fiance! It seriously felt like we had just started dating again. It also was at a Mexican restaurant. Something about that tequila I guess…
    Good thing we're getting married in Mexico!

  2. I LOVE your shoes! Need! Want!

    And Mexican restaurants are a rare breed in some foreign countries. I was dying for some when we lived in malaysia!

  3. You look fabulous! Love the hair! What is your favorite mexican restaurant in Portland? I haven't been to very many, but mine is Por Que Non!

  4. LOVE those shoes and the sunglasses. And you look gorgeous with your hair and outfit put together. Gotta love those date nights when everything feels like those early stages of a relationship. They're always the best nights and it doesn't matter if the rest of the world is staring 🙂

  5. You should check out the Taco Shop just off Amsteldijk ( More California-style taco shop. The owner is great and the burritos are yummy too. I'm originally from California. After living in Amsterdam for 6 months, I was in desperate search for decent Mexican food. The Taco Shop did the trick 🙂 Worth checking out.

  6. I think it's okay to be “those Americans” (actually, “those any nationalities” really) when it's those Americans having a sweet time together! It sounds really, really lovely.

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