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{Edinburgh: Part I}

A quick note before this post actually starts. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed. Like there aren’t enough hours in a day. Like I am doing a lot of things just okay instead of a few things really well. I wish I had more time to spend with Corey (and him with me), more hours in the day at work to accomplish amazing things, I wish I had the energy to blog at the end of a long day, talk to my mom longer than I do, spend more time training Henry, returning emails and a bajillion other things. I’m basically just feeling kind of crumby and a little bit like a failure lately. I know it’s just a funk, but just so you know, even though I don’t have a lot of time for this blog sometimes, I miss it when I’m gone. And even though I don’t always comment on all your blogs or respond to all your comments, I am reading every single one and visiting all your blogs as much as I can. I feel so lucky to be part of such an amazing community of bloggers and I hope you’ll ride out this little funk with me, because I’m sure things will be back to normal soon.
Now on to the post I started writing a few days ago and never got around to finishing. Until now.
Well, it’s finally here! I’m posting about Edinburgh – yippee!Β 
So – we all know I love a good blogger meet up. Meeting up with a blogger for the first time in a different country is definitely an extreme version of a blate (blate = blog + date, Megan coined the term a while back). And when it’s just you and your blogger friend, that’s pretty cool, but when you throw your men into the mix you know things are serious. But Megan and I decided to go for it anyways. I think both Corey and Stephen were a little freaked out by the whole idea, and if I’m honest, there was a tiny part of me that was afraid maybe the boys wouldn’t click or something. But luckily there was absolutely nothing to worry about. By the end of our two days together we were acting like we were all old friends we’d known for years. We laughed, we talked, we explored, we drank, we ate…We just had a really freakin’ good time. We are hoping Megan and Stephen get over to Amsterdam soon because we already miss them!Β 
Now, here are some photos from our first day in Edinburgh. And a few things you should do if you ever find yourself there.
Somebody needed to stop for a break… And looking glamorous while doing so πŸ™‚
To be continued…

{Photos © Liz Denfeld Photography}

37 thoughts on “{Edinburgh: Part I}”

  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm a new follower and your blog inspires me so I hope you come out of your funk soon πŸ™‚
    It's so cool that you've been to so many places in the past couple of months.

  2. omg Liz..these pictures are incredible…and HILARIOUS…holy wind. You couldnt even tell i was complaining the.entire.time.

  3. that looks amazing! I love that you're so close to everything and can visit places (almost) whenever you please.

    a note about not enough hours in the day: I was just thinking the same thing and realized that the only reason there aren't more hours in the day is because we need to spend our time on the things that should matter to us most. If we had all the time in the world, we would probably spend a lot of it wasted on things that don't mean all that much. I'd rather you talk to your mama a little longer on the phone than post something on the blog for us πŸ™‚

  4. these photographs are so amazing, and your blate looked super fun. so cool that i follow you and megan both, it's fun to see the world through your eyes! πŸ™‚ ciao xo

  5. girl… i FEEL you. it is SO much work traveling, working, blogging… i feel like i half ass it all the time. at the end of the day, i realized i need to be present more than i was when i was blogging more. so my traffic slowed down a bit, but whatever. it's worth it.

    what is also worth it… seeing your plaid gloves and hunters. perfect!

  6. okay…that whiskey tour DOES look like disneyland πŸ™‚ i'm loving ALL your edinburgh pictures though!

    and i totally understand what you mean with blogging…i love too and LOVE reading other blogs, but i sometimes just get so busy with life that i don't have time to comment/blog/etc. so i feel ya!

  7. Amazing! I went to Edinburgh last year and thought it was to die for. I stayed in a little town just out side of the city called Aberdour and went into the city as well as drove up to the highlands. all AMAZING! Thanks for the share of photos they bring back great memories.

  8. I'm in the same boat on not having enough time. This is the first time this week I've had time to sit down & check blogs – my new job & work travel have been so time consuming that at the end of the day I just want to relax with Luke & the pup if I can & not worry about my next blog post. Taking breaks keeps me sane these days πŸ™‚

    But in other news your pics look amazing as always πŸ™‚

  9. we love your blog whenever you have time and feel up to it πŸ™‚ i lived in edinburgh a few years ago and your pictures brought back some good memories!

  10. Edinburgh is my home! My work means that im abroad about 9 months of every year but I absolutely love to come home. Its lovely to see my town through some elses eyes – I hope Edinburgh treated you well! x

  11. Wow, that looks kind of windy πŸ™‚ Beautiful shots as always. And no worries about your little funk, spring is coming to Amsterdam and I am sure your mood will be better soon πŸ™‚ Happy weekend from the other side of the world (where autumn is actually around the corner… mmh, no like)

  12. First off, as far as the blog goes I think you've been keeping up amazingly well, and I'm just astonished with how much it seems you can accomplish even when there aren't enough hours. You'll get out of the funk you feel you're in, and we'll all still be here supporting and following you πŸ™‚

    Now on to these gorgeously breathtaking pictures! That view from Arthur's Seat is just amazing! And you and Corey as just as “kinda cute” as those other two. Haha I love how smiley Megan is in all these pictures despite how much she describes complaining about it. And I love that picture with Corey and Stephen! They look like buds haha.

  13. Your pictures are always gorgeous! I love visiting your blog and there are never enough hours in a day for everything. πŸ™‚

  14. Ok, first of all you look so perfectly Scottish in your Wellies. I love it πŸ™‚

    Second, I can TOTALLY relate to how you're feeling right now! I just got a promotion at work and I've been super stressed because it's a lot more work and I just kind of feel like I'm sucking at life, and then in turn I feel like I'm failing in other areas like blogging, cooking, cleaning, working out, etc. Blahhh. So just know I'm totally in the same boat, but I know it's just a phase! πŸ™‚

  15. All of these picture are SO freaking great! Looks like a great getaway. P.S everyday I feel like there isn't enough hours in the day, but I try to take one thing at a time. I focus on the most important things (like school) first, and I always squeeze in the things that make me happy.

  16. I remember climbing up Arthur's seat–what a mission! And I thought it was a leisurely stroll but instead it was windy and freezing–the joys of Scottish weather πŸ™‚

  17. i hate that feeling of overwhelmedness! it will get better – and don't be hard on yourself! you're doing better than you think πŸ™‚

  18. first of all you could never be a failure. ever ever ever. but i know about funks… ughh… they stink. secondly, love seeing edinburgh through your eyes – gorgeous photos!! gorgeous people in them!!

  19. I just posted about Scotland. I am about to to be there for a month……when I say about I mean in June lol. I was wondering what I needed to see do first. Thanks for a head start!

  20. WOW! These views and photos are fantastic! I love the photo of you and your hubby a little blurry with the view in the background clear. That would be a good one to hang in your house! I'm also jealous you got to do a blogger meetup! I want to do that! Too bad I don't follow or know of any bloggers in the Houston area. πŸ™

  21. I know EXACTLY how you feel about feeling overwhelmed. Which explains why I'm reading this post 6 days late and haven't responded to your very helpful e-mail about Broek en Waterland (thank you, btw!). Love the photos! Looks like you guys had a great time. When I studied abroad in Edinburgh we climbed Arthur's Seat, and then saw a show at the Fringe Festival called Puppetry of the Penis… recommended to us by our 50-something journalism professor. I'm guessing you guys didn't choose that option for after your hike!

  22. I looove your blog! Beautiful pictures, I wish I could live in Amsterdan. Thanks for sharing your amazing adventrues =)

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