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{Seville: Real Alcázar}

While walking around Seville, we found ourselves constantly ending up back at the Plaza del Triunfo. Pretty much any hour of the day there were dozens of people lined up outside of a beautiful mediaeval looking structure in the Plaza. We tried to figure out what the line was for (but let’s be honest, we didn’t try that hard) and we thought we figured out it was for some sort of Mother Theresa exhibit. We decided to pass. It wasn’t until Nicole had gone home Monday morning and Corey and I were looking over what was left on our Seville list that we realized we hadn’t seen the Real Alcázar. We made a bigger effort to find it, and the directions took us directly to that big line we’d seen so many times before. What was inside 
that gorgeous structure was absolutely breathtaking. The Palace was incredibly ornate, with a Moroccan design, and the gardens were like nothing we’d seen before. If you’re ever in Seville, the Real Alcázar is truly not to be missed.
*p.s. I know there’s a weird typo with the word “garden” above. Blogger won’t let me fix it.
We started our morning sitting in the sun, admiring the orange trees, drinking cafe con leche & writing postcards home. It was perfection.
Then it was off to the Real Alcázar:

{Photos © Liz Denfeld Photography}

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  1. so lovely! and how it is you manage to look adorable while traveling? i normally just look dishevelled and confused.

  2. um, these photos are amazing, but obviously everyone always says this to you so i dont even need to. so moving on…to my favorite photo: the reflection photo, that is absolutely stunning & i will now be trying to recreate this whenever i see water. #thanksalot

    seriously, this post is awesome & it might be my favorite to date.


  3. I love each and every one of these photos! So beautiful. You have such a great eye. And I love the action you're using lately – it's so soft and natural – just beautiful, Liz!

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