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{Seville: iPhone Snaps}

Hi all! We’re back from Seville. It was so amazing it honestly feels like it was all a dream.
Meeting up with Nicole was so much fun. I feel like we’ve been friends forever.
There was sun, 70+ degree weather, sangria, cervezas, cafe con leche, paella, tapas…I clearly indulged 🙂
I am still recovering from my 4:30AM wakeup call on Tuesday & going straight into work after a 3 hour flight + 1.5 train ride.
I haven’t uploaded photos yet, but thought all these iPhone snaps would hold you guys over!
Can’t wait to share many more photos and memories with you from our trip – I think we decided Seville has been our favorite trip so far!!
Hope you’re having an amazing week!
 left to right, top to bottom:
+pitchers of sangria
+sunset along the river
+me + nicole, reunited at last!
+plaza de espana
+mojitos on rooftops with cathedral views… life is good.
+soaking up the sun
+gorgeous spanish architecture
+another sunset along the river
+miles and miles of orange trees
+loving life at the alcazar
+alcazar gardens
+sipping a cafe con leche & sending postcards

37 thoughts on “{Seville: iPhone Snaps}”

  1. Its looks like you had an incredible time!

    And is it me or do you and Nicole kind of look like sisters–or is that just me?

  2. Looks stunning! So glad you got to meet up with Nicole again, she is the sweetest 🙂

    Can't wait to see the rest of the pics!


  3. It is so fun to read about this trip on both your blog and Nicole's. You guys are too cute! You look like you could be sisters. I have now added Seville to my list of places to visit thanks to you and Nicole's rave reviews!

  4. oh my, Liz! what an incredible trip! sangria and sun-basking? I definitely need some of that soon! It's snowing in Portland this week?! gah. xoxo

  5. Liz all of this looks amazing! Those gardens are stunning – can't wait to see more pictures it looks like a great trip!

  6. You seriously have me day dreaming about going here now. Let's trade for a little bit? I'll trade you New Orleans for Europe? Yes

  7. It looks like you had a great time! I love the sangria shot and you girls are gorgeous. Yay that you got to soak up som much needed sun. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics.

  8. looks like you had a wonderful weekend! too bad I have never been to seville, once i move back to Europe, I will for sure go! It must be amazing!!

  9. these are so gorgeous, liz! when nicole posted pictures on her blog i commented about how much i want to go to seville. and now i think you've sealed the deal for me! and if it's your favorite trip so far, i think that really has to say a lot for the city! my favorite pictures are the sunset on the river, the alcazar gardens, and the architecture. I'm looking forward to indulging in all those wonderfully spanish things haha. i can't wait to see more pictures!!

  10. I'm glad you guys had a great time! Take it easy this weekend… can't wait to see the rest of the pics!

    Also, lets do drinks after work next week? I miss you lady!


  11. 1. I honestly miss you and corey like I miss my friends that i've known forever
    2. Are those the gardens that we tried to find?
    3. Love Love Love whatever you're wearing on the last day. Hope you do an outfit post
    4. Best compliment ever that we look like sisters
    5. This sister needs a TAN!!!

  12. looks like SUCH an amazing trip!! mojitos, sunshine, and sangria — with some of your favorite people?? done and done!! i lived in spain for a summer in college and this post made me long for my days there! glad you had such a wonderful time! xo

  13. hello there. just stumbled into your lovely place here.

    i've been to malaga, ronda, granada, madrid… but never seville, or barcelona for that matter. you've made me want to visit there!

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