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Happy Valentines Day

For as girl as in love with love as I am, it’s sort of surprising how not into Valentines Day I am. 
Corey’s in class tonight so we’re not having a romantic dinner or feeding each other truffles or anything. It’s just me and little Henry, my furry Valentine, hanging out in a quiet apartment. I’m working on editing some snowy Amsterdam photos that I hope to post soon, so stay tuned! For now, I leave you with a sneak peek, and one of my favorite quotes that took the thoughts right out of my hopeless romantic head.

13 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day”

  1. Love the pic and quote. For Chris' valentine's present I actually took one of our Maui pics and added a quote and framed it. But my font was not nearly as cute 🙂

  2. love the pic + the quote! I'll be celebrating alone bc my boy has mba class as well…. extra cupcakes for me?! happy v-day!

  3. I completely understand the feeling of not being into Valentine's day despite being deep in love. I will also be spending most of my night with my puppy and will just have a skype chat with the boyfriend like i do most nights. I just don't understand the hype sometimes haha. anyway love the quote and the picture! you two are adorable 🙂

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