{Guest Blogging on La Mia Vita}

Hey everyone! We’re back from Berlin! It was an amazing trip, but we are absolutely and utterly exhausted. Tonight was my cousin Julie’s last night in Europe. She spent it here with us in Amsterdam and is heading back home to Portland tomorrow. We’re definitely sad to see her go – it’s been so comforting and fun having family to hang out with. I’ll be back tomorrow with part one of our Berlin photos, but for now I wanted to let you know that I’m over on La Mia Vita today guest blogging for Nicole. She just moved to Barcelona!! Pretty awesome, right? Head on over to read about Corey and I’s greatest adventure to date… I bet you can’t guess what it is… 😉

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  2. Ah, Liz… you have such a positive, happy spin on everything. Really, really loved this post. Gave me chills remembering the day I moved to Barcelona… craziest, scariest, best decision of my life!


  3. Love the London Eye pic – that bridge is just round the corner from my flat! I love Europe! (Though I do miss the Pacific Northwest after spending a couple of years there…) 🙂

  4. traveling is great. if only we could do it more often!!


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  5. I moved to The Netherlands a few months ago from England….I totally know what you mean about the transport difficulties!! The other day I was on a train and they paused at a station, there was some kind of announcement in Dutch and everyone started to frantically get off the train. Fortunatly some guy next to me explained in English that they were breaking the train in half and only contiuing with the first half….something only the Dutch would do! I was nearly ditched in the middle of no where!

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