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{Our Instagram Weekend}

Didn’t break out my camera, but I did break out the Instagram. Descriptions below!

{left to right, top to bottom}
1. All dolled up for a hot date night with the huz
2. Dinner at Mazzo, a delicious Italian restaurant in the Jordaan neighborhood in Amsterdam
3. Movie at this gorgeous theater in the center of the city. We saw J. Edgar and we’re still not sure what to think about it. It wasn’t really what we expected – a little slow/boring, but interesting at times..
4. Post-date cocktails: Organic Ginger Beer + Bourbon (plus we got to use the cool new iceballs I got Corey for Christmas!)
5. A lazy Saturday morning in bed, sipping coffee out of my boston terrier mug (gifted to me by a good friend – thanks, Libby!)
6. Thisincredible crate of fresh veggies, fruit, bread and fish was delivered to our door Saturday morning. We made this Potato-Pumpkin Gnocchi with Fresh TomatoSage Sauce. It took a long time to make, but it was plate-licking good!
7. I finally got around to organizing this little nook in our bedroom. I was inspired by this image. What do you think?
8. Ended our weekend with a giant White Truffle Pizza from MangiAncora, the best pizzeria in the city. By the way, we finished that entire thing 🙂

35 thoughts on “{Our Instagram Weekend}”

  1. Awesome job on the nook, and your boston terrier mug is absolutely adorable. I need to get one of those for my sister!!

    Happy Monday, Liz!

  2. Oh my goodness Liz, your new blog look is so perfect and lovely 🙂 It's almost as gorgeous as you! I am happy to hear you're doing well and I absolutely love that little nook for all of your clothes and accessories! XOXO

  3. I think your space is a lot prettier than the one in the picture. Honestly. Love what you did with teh scarves. The pizza looks so yummy. Looking hot for your date night.

  4. look at your scarves all lined up and purty!! i have gotttt to figure out a good arrangement like that for all my scarves. they are blowing up my closet!

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