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Happy Weekend!

TGIF! Something about this week was just exhausting. I haven’t been feeling totally myself these last couple of days and I am looking forward to a weekend to catch up on sleep and just relax. Tomorrow we’re hoping to take a train ride to the town of Dordrecht for their Christmas Market. It’s the biggest one in the Netherlands! Other than that I think we’ll just be cleaning and packing and generally getting ready to head back to the States for Christmas next week! Can you believe it’s next week? It totally snuck up on me this year! While thinking about having to deal with jet lag again kind of makes me want to cry, the thought of seeing my sisters and my niece and being with both our families more than makes up for that. Anyhow, hope you all have a lovely weekend and I’ll catch you back here on Monday.

P.S. Corey doesn’t really believe in (or like?) sending out Christmas cards, while I on the other hand always dream of sending them out. So instead of actually getting them I like to go on sites and design pretend ones. I really liked the one above other than the fact that it’s missing Henry, a very important part of our little family 🙂

13 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!”

  1. haha Luke doesn't like sending out Christmas cards either! He thinks it's a waste of money. I, on the other hand, dreamt of it too- but it didn't happen :-/ I like your idea of doing pretend ones 🙂

  2. Boys are very strange about Christmas cards. Stephen said we could send one out if it was “only of the cats.” That's no fun! Anywhoo, I love this pretend one!

  3. Oh my, of course the man in your life didn't want to send out Christmas cards. I bet mine would never know the difference if we didn't send them. Ha.

  4. i'm a big fan of the Christmas card tradition. my mom has always been very adament about sending them out december 1st and i find myself looking forward to the tradition with my own someday family. i like this 'pretend' idea though. 🙂

  5. That Christmas card is so cute! My hubby doesn't like sending them either but I do it anyway! But I agree, Henry should definitely be in it!

    PS this week WAS exhausting! What was the deal? Have a great weekend!

  6. jet lag is NO fun. we used to live in tokyo and coming back and forth was killer, especially when you're little. it would throw me off for days. but your christmas card is so cute! my husband and I didn't send one out this year because we're on both our families but i think i'm going to go make one after seeing yours and just be able to post it 🙂

    oh and i'm your newest follower!

  7. One day you should get custom cards made from Rifle Paper Co. I used to work there and would catch a glimpse of the hand painted invitations etc, they are so cute and seem like your style. Have a great holiday with your family!

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