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Christmas Sights in Amsterdam

Christmas in Europe is magical. Every street corner has a touch of the holidays. And upon coming back from the States I found that it had gone from kind of cute to full blown amazing with decorations, lights and winter markets found all over the city. Saturday we had a really festive day and got a tree, visited one of the small Christmas markets (and tried mulled wine for the first time!) and baked Snickerdoodles. We listened to holiday music the whole day and really tried to soak in our last couple weeks of Christmas celebrations in Amsterdam as we’ll be heading home for the holidays next week! Here are some sights from around the city. I’ll share Christmas tree photos tomorrow!

Our corner market is all decorated for the holidays
Random street corner by the floating Flower Market has been set up with little stands selling traditional Dutch treats
 A nearby hotel 
 Leidseplein’s ice skating rink is now open
 The Winterplaza in Leidseplein
 We tried mulled wine for the first time… We didn’t love it.. But plan on trying it again this coming weekend!
This is our cross street with cute hanging lights. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see this every day!

{Photos © Liz Denfeld Photography}

24 thoughts on “Christmas Sights in Amsterdam”

  1. so festive! I remember drinking mulled wine in Paris last year, and eating chocolate in Amsterdam several years ago. The holidays in Europe are so much more festive it seems like!
    Have a great trip home!

  2. so pretty. i love experiencing the holidays in different places – it can have such a different feel! i love mulled wine, but do think it can really vary! definitely try it again. 🙂

  3. oh I wanted to hop in those photos! looks absolutely dreamy 🙂 trees, wreaths, and pine garlands covered in lights…covering a beautiful city…LOVE IT. Someday I'll make it to Europe! And around the holidays sounds magical 🙂

  4. mulled wine is the same thing as gluehwein, right? i think… if so, i'm not a crazy fan of it either. but sometimes have had to buy it at the markets in germany just because it's so gosh darn cold outside and that's the only way to warm up.

  5. When I visited Amsterdam a couple years ago we stayed right near Leidseplein – it's so fun to see your pictures of the area all decorated for Christmas!

  6. this looks magical! you get the best of both words, experiencing the holidays in europe and then being back in the states with your family 🙂 sounds perfect 🙂

  7. hi there, i just came across your blog and .. i'm so impressed with these photographs of the leidseplein and the rembrandtplein christmas markets! i always thought they were like a little cheesey but you made them look great! 🙂

    i'm an amsterdam blogger too, i'm loving exploring the city and finding new places to go. can't wait to see more of your posts!

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