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Thoughts on Home

Being home without Corey has been interesting. Home, in general, has become an interesting concept since moving across the world. I am constantly saying things like “There’s no place like home,” which I truly believe. But more and more I am questioning what “home” even means? It’s a familiar face. Familiar places. It’s chock full of memories, down every street, every pot hole, every coffee shop and restaurant. But all these things without the one you love… They just don’t feel complete.Β 

When I’m away from Portland I miss my mom and my sisters dearly. I miss our old neighborhoods and favorite restaurants. Sometimes I long for those familiar faces and places. But here I am in Portland missing my husband, and it’s a different kind of longing. It’s more like an ache. It actually hurts to be away from him. While this really stinks right now, in the last few days I’ve realized how thankful I am to have a love like this. That even after more than four years together I still cry when I’m away from him, my heart still hurts when we’re not together. I really hope we love each other this deeply and miss each other this much forever and ever. Because as much as it hurts to be away from him, I think it would be much more tragic if I didn’t miss him at all.Β 

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  1. this is so touching. and i know just what that ache feels like. even though its a 'bad' feeling, deep down its a good one. if that makes sense πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Liz! I love this post, I can truly resonate with it, especially since I felt the same way when we moved from Seattle to Denver. For a year, I longed so badly to move back to Seattle, however, every time I visited it just wasn't the same, it wasn't how I romanticized it; because my husband wasn't with me! We are blessed to have such wonderful men that we miss so much.

  3. This is such a beautiful post and so well said. I actually had the phrase “You are my home” engraved in my husband's wedding band. It's from a song that means a lot to us and it couldn't be more true. Wherever he is, that's where I feel like I'm home.

  4. so sweet liz! i always feel the same way when i'm away from my man too…. or my mom and sister (and family) and then i realize how lucky i am to have people in my life that i love so much!
    hope you're enjoying portland!

  5. so sweet! but from experience, i can tell you that you can miss someone without feeling the pain – one isn't a requirement for the other. i'm positive that isn't what you meant but as a person who lives on the opposite coast from her husband, it's the first thought that went through my head. i miss him quite a bit but i'm also fine without him. this isn't our ideal situation but it's the one we're in so we make the best of it. after being together for 12 years and married for 7, in some ways it's nice to know we can both still handle things on our own. and besides, seeing each other after a few months apart is so, so sweet!

  6. Oh goodness girl, I struggle with this all the time! I think if you go to my blog and go back a couple of weeks I blogged about the same exact thing. We've packed up and moved 9 times in the past 4 years. I agree that Home Is Wherever I'm With You (or, him, lol) but I always feel like I'm longing for a place…a physical address…a place to call our own that feels familiar and right. One day it will come πŸ™‚

  7. Hi there…just recently found your wonderful blog thru Sarah @ FTAT…nice to “blog” meet you! Your husband and I share the same name! We recently became expats in June – living in Trinidad and i loved this post – its how I feel when I go away without him.excited to see my sister and parents but then sad that my Glen is not with truly is more fun with him. Consider me your newest follower!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  8. It's fantastic to see this kind of love is out there and still prevalent in a world that seems to be increasingly drawn toward divorce and fleeting relationships. Thank you for such a beautiful post Liz!

  9. So true. You are home whenever you are surrounded by those you love.

    I saw Amsterdam made the top 15 cites to live in the world and thought of you.

  10. this is so sweet and so true! i always say, “home is where the husband is” πŸ˜‰ after years of moving around, everything you said in this post is exactly how i feel. i know corey aches for you too!! xoxo

  11. This is so stinking sweet. Lucky that I have similar feelings with my sweetheart. We really get to see how blessed we are when we take a little distance to stand back and appreciate what we have.

    Enjoy your trip home Liz!

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