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Henry Takes a Bath

Now that Corey has started working full time, that means he can no longer spend his entire day with Henry. He is thrilled. I, on the other hand, was devastated. I hate the idea of him sitting at home alone all day. But Corey assures me all he did at home was sleep anyways. Nevertheless, we had to find a way to get the little guy out of the house while we were an hour commute away from home each day. 
In comes this little company that comes to pick Henry up around noon, takes him out to the forrest with a bunch of other dogs, where he proceeds to run around like a mad man for an hour or so. Then he gets dropped back off at our place. 
This is all well and good (and Henry seems to love it) except that when he gets home he stinks! I need my puppy cuddles, but his stench is unbearable. Lucky for us, he is super easy to bathe. Takes 10 minutes and he is such a good boy in the tub. I gave him a bath when I got home from work tonight (Corey’s in class) and I couldn’t help but snap a couple pictures. 
Now before you go looking at these and feeling sorry for him and his pathetic little face, please know that I took these all in a span of 30 seconds and I would never, ever do anything to upset my pup (ask Corey, he thinks I’m borderline cray-cray for the way I’m uh-b-sessed with this dog!!!). He’s now happily snoozing away (and snoring loudly, might I add) next to me on the couch. Bliss.
{Photos © Liz Denfeld Photography}

33 thoughts on “Henry Takes a Bath”

  1. ohmygosh, it's like he keeps getting cuter and cuter!! whenever we give our parents' dog a bath she looks so sad & pathetic, the look on her face almost breaks your heart… but when the bath is done, she's right back to her normal crazy self!

  2. Poor baby… ahha.. he looks dejected! Almost like my cats after the bath, ashamed/embarrased to be wet. My goldens however look thier happiest when in water lol

  3. My pups have finally gotten (sort of) used to us giving them baths. It's pretty hilarious to watch them shake and run around after. They are pretty cute post bath, though.

  4. Glad you found a fun little puppy club for your Henry to hang with while you two are at work 🙂 He is SUCH a cute dog!! And those photos of his bath time are adorable 🙂

    and your dublin trip…looked FANTASTIC!! Beautiful photos, you have such an eye 🙂


  5. oh he looks SO adorable! minnie is the same way, she's all pitiful about her baths and then i wrap her in a blanky and she looks like the cutest little snuggly bundle of joy on this planet and i love her so much. and oooof course you are obsessed with your little baby! he's your baby!

  6. Henry is too adorable! I love how he stands and puts his two paws up on the side. My dog Jake does the same thing. I think they feel like if they stand, they aren't really getting a bath, So cute!

  7. My gawd is he cute! I love having short haired dogs – so easy to bathe! I'm totally obsessed with our pups too – one in particular. My husband totally resents it. That dog can do no wrong in my eyes.

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