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{Dublin, Ireland} Part II

Happy Tuesday, Everyone! I am so tired this evening (remember it’s already nighttime here! 10PM!) I almost didn’t write this post. But then I felt compelled to show you the rest of our Dublin pictures. So here you have them!ย 

One reason Dublin felt extra fun was because we had some celebrating to do. I know my Mom will read this and laugh because she thinks I’m ridiculous with all my “celebrations”, but that’s just me! Well, while in Dublin, Corey and I celebrated our four year dating anniversary! Four years before, Corey had taken me on our first date. Clearly it was a good one considering he’s now my husband! Anyhow, I’m a huge hopeless romantic and I’ll take any chance to reminisce, which we did ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll definitely never forget our anniversary walking the streets of Dublin, throwing back a couple pints and watching a beautiful sunset from the top of the Guinness Storehouse.

1-3. Christ Church
4. Alleyway behind the Guinness Storehouse
5. View from lunch at the Guinness Storehouse
6. Enjoyed a half-pint at lunch!
7-8. Guinness Taste Experience (just another excuse to drink more beer…)
9-10. Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse
11. Sunset from Gravity Bar
12. We took a horse drawn carriage back into town. Corey, being the gentleman that he is, wanted to do something sweet for me on our anniversary. Is he a keeper or what?!
13. River View
14. Entrance to St. Stephen’s Green
15-17. St. Stephen’s Green (such a charming city park!)
18-20. Phoenix Park (the largest city park in Europe!)
{Photosย ยฉย Liz Denfeld Photography}

23 thoughts on “{Dublin, Ireland} Part II”

  1. Can I have your life? Please?

    Seriously, Liz. Looks like such a fun adventure you and your hubby are on! Thanks for sharing! I love your bright floral scarf, cheery for fall.

  2. Ooh Dublin is so pretty! I love to celebrate everything too, how cute that you got to toast to a dating anniversary! Love it.
    I've always wanted to visit Ireland!

  3. Beautiful! You captured some lovely moments! When I was a teenager my family and I spent a Thanksgiving in Dublin. I'll never forget that place! Although I was too young to enjoy the Guiness factory. Guess that's a reason to go back!

  4. Dublin looks beautiful! I'm an American that just moved to Amsterdam a few weeks ago, and this totally makes me want to make a trip to Ireland! By the way, how did you like the Guinness?

  5. so lovely! my partner and i went to dublin last february, dubliners are the nicest people. didn't you just love the guinness storehouse? it's a gem at sunset.

  6. i never knew i wanted to go to dublin until i saw your photos ๐Ÿ™‚ love when that happens! also LOVE your orangey-pink scarf, and that your husband will still acknowlege cheesy/sweet anniversaries (my guy just rolls his eyes when i surpass his emotional limits haha)

  7. this is the most beautiful trip ever! your photos seriously make dublin look absolutely perfect. and i'm the saaaame way, i still love to celebrate our dating anniversary! why not!

  8. I've really enjoyed following along on your blog! What a great experience for you & your husband to have – living in Amsterdam & touring the surrounding cities/countries! You take some really gorgeous photos…

    Also I love your coat, it looks warm without appearing frumpy. Would you mind sharing where you got it?

  9. Gorgeous! I was in Ireland last April with my family and had such an awesome time. It's definitely a beautiful country! President Obama was getting ready to visit, so everyone was asking us — the Americans on tour — how we felt about that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Congrats on your four-year dating anniversary! I love to celebrate days like that, too. It's important and special to remember.

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