Happy Sunday!

Hi, All! So sorry for the sudden blog silence last week. Things got busy and a weekend away in Dublin snuck up on me. We’re back in Amsterdam now and I’ve got lots of photos to share (of course), but thought since I missed so many posts last week (hmmm, this is sounding familiar) I would do one on Sunday. And something a little different, too!Β 

Last week one of my best friends, Meghan, gave me the “blog on fire” award. I’m supposed to share seven things about myself that you don’t already know… Instead, I’m going to do this fun A to Z game I found on Laurie’s blog (a new fave!). I figure there will definitely be at least seven new things in here to keep you entertained on your Sunday πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy. And if not, I’ll be back to regular travel blogging tomorrow!Β 

A. Age – 25.
B. Bed size – King. And now we can never turn back. Thankfully our bedroom in Amsterdam came with a King bed or we would not have been happy campers! Hey, we gotta make sure there’s room for the pup πŸ˜‰
C. Chore that you hate – Cleaning the bathroom. Yuck.
D. Dogs – Henry, the little man who turned me into a crazy dog lady πŸ™‚
E. Essential start to your day – The Today Show. Started my day with it in the U.S., and now thanks to the iPad 2 and the internet, I can still start my day that way!
F. Favorite color – I don’t really have one. I love colorful things – all colors.. If I had to pick one I’d say coral.Β 
G. Gold or silver – Oh gosh, this is hard… I used to say silver for sure. These days I’m diggin’ gold. Well, not like THAT… You get what I mean..
H. Height – 5’8″
I. Instruments you play – Back in the day I played piano and violin…
J. Job title – Digital Creative Producer. Now the question is.. Do you know what that means? Job titles these days crack me up. 75% of the time you have no idea what the person even does!
K. Kids – Not yet! Someday πŸ™‚
L. Live – We call Amsterdam home right now. But Portland will always be our real home.
M. Mother’s name – Elizabeth, just like me. I was named after her!
N. Nicknames – Lizzie & Liz… I’ll omit Corey’s nicknames for me as they’re probably too mushy for the public’s eyes πŸ™‚
O. Overnight hospital stays – Once when I in college. I got my appendix out.
P. Pet peeves – When people add an “s” onto the end of proper names for no good reason.. for example: Nordstroms, Fred Meyers, McMenamins (all you Pacific Northwest people should know all those).
Q. Quote from a movie – Lately I can’t stop quoting Bridesmaids. Some of my favorites:
Megan: “Female fight club. We grease up, we pull in. Lillian doesn’t know so it’s ‘Surprise, we’re gonna fight!’ we beat the shit out of her.”
Annie:Β You’re really doing it, aren’t ya? You’re shitting in the street!Β 
If you haven’t seen it I highly, highly recommend it. I’ve watched in about five times.
R. Right or left handed – Right.
S. Siblings – Two sisters: one older, one younger. Couldn’t live without them!
T. Time it takes you to get ready – Depends. If I’m washing my hair (I only wash it 2-3 times a week), an hour and a half. If I’m not, 30-45 minutes!
U. Underwear – Hmm.. Can we skip this one?Β 
V. Vegetable you hate – I don’t love onions.
W. What makes you run late – Not knowing what to wear. I stand in front of my closet with a blank stare as the time ticks away. I know I’m going to be late, yet somehow everything I own is ugly that day and I simply can’t get dressed. This is made even worse in Amsterdam when my life is run by train and bus schedules. Not fun, folks!
X. X-rays you’ve had – Hmm.. The ones at the dentist… I can’t think of any others!Β 
Y. Yummy food you make – I love cooking.. I make lots of things.. Right now I can’t think of anything. I don’t have a “specialty” per se. I do tweet about our dinners a lot though, if you’re interested!
Z. Zoo animal – Is a Koala a zoo animal? It’s my dream to hold one. If not… I choose the polar bear. ‘Cause they’re big and white and fluffy.

Okay. The end! If you want to play along I’d love to read your A to Z’s! Post your link in the comments πŸ™‚

{Alphabet design via Minted}

21 thoughts on “Happy Sunday!”

  1. i love this a-z idea! ive been meaning to do it on my blog for a while now….it's so fun to learn about the bloggers i love to read!

    happy week!

  2. i'm loving quoting bridesmaids. faves: “did you let him have a sleepover…in your mouth?” and, “god, this is so awkward. i really want you to leave but i don't know how to say it without sounding like a dick.”

  3. Loved getting to know you more. And I completely agree with the whole job title thing. I even took a job thinking it was one thing and turned out to be another. Whomp!

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