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{Last} Weekend Snaps

I’m a bit behind on posting photos because I lost my camera charger (think I left it in London, actually) and getting a new one here was not an easy task! I finally got to upload these photos from last weekend. We had just gotten back from the U.S., still a little jet lagged, but completely ecstatic that it was so sunny and beautiful in Amsterdam. It was certainly chilly, but that didn’t stop us from soaking up the blue sky with a nice long walk with Henry, followed by brunch outside. It was one of my favorite weekends in Amsterdam so far.

And p.s., for those of you that have asked for photos of my bike: here you go! It’s nothing super special, but that’s because if you buy a nice, expensive bike it will just get stolen. The bike I have is a traditional Dutch bike (bought it second-hand), very common around these parts!

{Photos © Liz Denfeld Photography}

35 thoughts on “{Last} Weekend Snaps”

  1. i love your bike!! and that last picture of you drinking the coffee is amazing!
    guess what! i'm moving to spain, prague or paris in january i just decided in january for a few months so i'll be knocking on your door in amsterdam soon!!

  2. Amsterdam looks so beautiful in the Fall! How cold is it there right now?

    Also, I think we are all dying to see pictures of your new home! I remember you saying the kitchen was great, but we still haven't seen it!!


  3. Beautiful photos of a place that is near and dear to my heart. I'm married to a Dutchman so we visit the Netherlands 2/3 times a year.

    Love your Oma fiets!


  4. I really had no desire to go to Amsterdam before you moved here and started sharing pictures…it is seriously dreamy and amazing!

  5. I would like to move into one of those colorful houses and the water. And then I would like to carry fresh groceries home on one of those standard Dutch bike and then I would like to lose five pounds because I eat so fresh and healthy.

  6. I like your pictures,gives a good impression of the Amsterdam vibe!

    I've just got back from Amsterdam too, describing my experiences in three words: I loved it!

    Found a very cute place to through short stay amsterdam. They had a nice clean canal house where we'd stayed, maybe worth checking it out for your next trip,no too expensive either!

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