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Video: Our Weekend in Paris!

Video today, photos tomorrow.
Our new friends Chris and Laura joined us on our weekend in Paris. They’re from the UK and they say fun stuff like “lads drinking cider”. It was so fun sightseeing with them and getting to know them better! Hopefully this is the beginning of a super awesome friendship 🙂
Hope you enjoy this video from our weekend in the city of love & lights.

22 thoughts on “Video: Our Weekend in Paris!”

  1. Oh this was just great! As you can expect I am currently in love with all things Paris and I love that I started to follow your blog when you headed there!
    I love the old time feel to the video ! What program do you use to edit it?

  2. I love these little videos! I just downloaded the 8 mm camera app and I think it's the new Instagram 🙂

    Can't wait to see more of your European adventures! My husband and I are heading on vacation to Amsterdam next year AND hope to move to Portland around the same time, so I will be relying heavily on your blog and archives!

  3. so pretty! I went to Paris for New Year's and it is so different looking with the change of season:) looks like you had such a great time.

  4. <3 love love love this!
    Made me feel like I was there with you! What a very cool idea! Cannot wait to see some more of your travels. <3

  5. That was something very inspiring, great video. And your background music though I didn't understand it sounded very romantic and pampering. I hope you all the best in your stay in Paris. Explore, Dream and discover as what your blog title says.

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