31 thoughts on “I’m Back…”

  1. liz this is so gorgeous! i cant wait to see more photos! i am so jealous already!!

    in answer to your questions about sailing..i went with george and his family so I'm not quite sure about the costs and stuff but we got a 39 foot yacht for 7 of us. so if you two were just going sailing together you could get a smaller one which would be a lot cheaper. it was so much funn! let me know if you have any more questions šŸ™‚ xx

  2. Classically gorgeous picture! I'm still SUPER jealous of your Paris adventure! Can't wait to see more so I can continue to vicariously live through you! hehe!

  3. Perfect little peek into your Persian weekend. I can't wait to see and read more. We are going to be in Paris next month…and OHmyGOSH can't wait.

  4. Again can I say JEALOUS even though its not good to be LOL šŸ™‚ I can't wait to here more about here weekend getaway to Paris! I know its going to be amazing.

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