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We Made It!

Well, after a reallyyyy long flight with a reallyyy unhappy pup, we made it to Amsterdam! Henry made quite the scene and caused us quite a bit of embarrassment for the first five hours of the flight, but luckily after that he finally decided to pass out! 

Once we arrived and checked into our hotel we unpacked for a bit and immediately set out on foot to find some lunch and fight the jet lag. We walked over to one of our favorite areas, the Jordaan. Poor Henry seems to be struggling quite a bit and is lashing out… He hurls himself at bikes, mopeds, pigeons, children… Sounds fun, right? Hopefully he gets over this soon as it made our walk particularly unpleasant. Can you imagine a dog that doesn’t like bikes living in Amsterdam? Pretty comical, actually! 

It’s so strange living in a city where I don’t know my way, have no idea what restaurants are good, what neighborhoods to avoid, etc etc. But this is all part of the adventure – and a huge part of the reason we decided to leave Portland for a few years. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, and boy have I ever! I have so much to learn about Amsterdam and Europe in general! 

The second day in Amsterdam we woke up early and took Henry for a walk. We knew there wouldn’t be many people (read: pigeons, bikes, kids and scooters) out in the morning – so we thought it would be the perfect time to take Henry for a nice walk over to Vondel Park. Back in Portland, we loved taking early morning walks before the city was awake. I loved how peaceful and quiet it was. Here in Amsterdam, I found that the quiet felt eerie. I’m sure that will change, it just felt uncomfortable, like something wasn’t right. I look forward to appreciating the peace of the morning hours in Amsterdam someday (hopefully soon).

Now our second day in Amsterdam is over and we’re settling in and hoping our six hour nap earlier doesn’t stop us from sleeping through the night… Tomorrow is a big day for us. Any guesses what it is? More updates coming soon. As well as some catching up from the weeks leading up to our move. Thanks again for sticking with me as my blogging was sporadic!

{Photos © Liz Denfeld}

48 thoughts on “We Made It!”

  1. wooohooo happy yall made it safe and sound 🙂 especially henry since i know first hand how stressful the move was for him 🙂 excited to see your upcoming adventures! <3

  2. Poor Henry ! Had he never flown before? I'm sure it was just such a long time to be cooped under a seat.

    Glad u guys made it there safe!

  3. this is so amazing, i cant wait to read all about your travels and experiences! GOOD FOR YOU TWO for breaing the norm and doing this before life gets too complicated!

  4. yay you made it! i love seeing amsterdam through your eyes…you capture it beautifully! make sure to check out “de pijp” neighbourhood; it is super trendy and has all the best restaurants/bars in the city!

  5. So exciting! I love Amsterdam, you three are going to have an amazing time. I know what you mean, though, about living in a new place. I just moved from Sweden to New York, and although I've been here lots and lots of times before, now everything feels so foreign. But you're right, that's part of the adventure!
    Good luck to you, can't wait to read more!

  6. Wow, these are amazing! I love your scarf!!! Happy Anniversary Amsterdam Lovers!!! May you have a million more blessed and amazing years to come 🙂

  7. So glad you guys made it safely, and I am so jealous. These pictures make me miss Amsterdam so much. Definitely my favorite city…aside from Portland, lol. Also, where did you get those cute grey/tan sandals?

  8. Amsterdam is beautiful! So glad you arrived safely. I'm sure Henry will get more used to it, poor little guy. 🙂 Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

  9. wow, liz. it looks so beautiful. and you're already looking quite european! 🙂 very pretty. i had a little pang of jealousy reading this post. y'all are going to have such an adventure living abroad!! looking forward to reading more about it.

  10. Sounds like a rough start, but I'm sure it's bound to be a wonderful adventure for you guys!! Henry will get used to everything with time 🙂

    As always, Liz, beautiful pictures!!

  11. oh my gosh so beautiful!!! gosh i'm so jealous!! sorry henry wasn't a good boy on the flight! at least it's over now! hope he learns to love the bikes and pigeons quickly!

  12. Oh, this is so exciting to read! I'm sure it's even more exciting for you. Best of luck to you guys as you continue settling in and finding the comforts of your new home 🙂

  13. So glad you made it safely Liz! Henry certainly is a ham isn't he?! (adorable) Although I'm stuck studying for a licensure exam all weekend I'm glad to have had the opportunity to live vicariously through your photos! Gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing more of the adventure =)

  14. Hi Liz!

    I'm sure Henry will calm down soon… I'm sure it's a big adjustment for him, what with all the new smells and all 🙂

    Congrats on your move! I so admire you for following your dreams like this! You're such an inspiration. I can't wait to see where your new journey takes you!


  15. Welcome to NL! I'm sure it won't be long until you are finding your fave places to eat drink and shop and enjoying early mornings before Amsterdam gets crazy busy. I live in EIndhoven, further south in NL but not for too long as we'll probably be moving to Portland at the end of the year! How funny is that! Enjoy.

  16. Wishing Henry the best adjustment and european adventure!!! After several moves…I come to grips with the fact that until familiar that eerrie-ness of unfamiliarity is quite enchanting. Odd, but true.

  17. Glad you guys made it safe! Poor Henry, I don't like flying either! I feel his pain! Looks like the 3 of you are settling in nicely though 🙂

  18. I guess I always thought you had to put your dog in a crate with the rest of the cargo on flights – but did Henry get to fly next to you guys the whole time?

  19. What a world away from the NW! Glad to see you and your cute family made it safely. Can't wait to read all about your adventures and see your photos.

    P.S. Summer FINALLY arrived here. Sun all weekend here in Seattle. 🙂

  20. I love your wedding photos, flowers and everyone looks beautiful. Also enjoyed your photos of Amsterdam and the canals and beautiful buildings.

  21. What an amazing city to live in as newlyweds!! I hope you soak up all it has to offer : ) I've been catching up on your blog + adventures and just love it all! I'm definitely jealous about your move abroad as it is a dream of mine too, and I appreciate you sharing the good and bad, ups and downs! xoxoxo

  22. I am really curious how you got your dog into Europe in the cabin?? We've actually talked about living in Europe (London, perhaps) for a few years but honestly had to put the kibosh on the plans as everything I've read said the dog has to enter the EU via cargo. Our dog would never make it in cargo. Would love more info from you on how you did it!


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