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Date Night at Irving Street Kitchen

This date night was one of our last in Portland. I have to say, I am really going to miss living in a city where I know every street, store and restaurant. I’m sure we’ll find our new favorite places in Amsterdam, but Portland will always be home to us. I truly do miss it already. 

I have so much going on right now, I wish I could tell you all about it, but won’t for two reasons: One, I’m afraid I’ll bore you to death and two, I am just so exhausted and can’t find the time. Maybe someday I will tell you all about the chaos we’re experiencing, but for now you’ll just have to trust me that things are absolutely nuts! We fly out Thursday, yet this whole thing still doesn’t seem real. I suppose that’s normal? Anyhow, wanted to pop in and say hello, sorry I’ve been such a bad blogger, and I promise I’ll be back soon. Hope this little post will tide you over!

{dress: bb dakota, necklace: j.crew via ebay, shoes: cole haan, belt: h&m, bag: cole haan, sunglasses: d&g}

{Photos © Liz Denfeld}

30 thoughts on “Date Night at Irving Street Kitchen”

  1. I feel you-I am moving to Kenya in two weeks and it is quite emotionally draining -I just want to be there and settled in already. However, you have Corey-so it is just exciting rather than nerve racking. Enjoy the excitment.

  2. Seriously, really, truly iN LOVE with your dress!!! Sooo gorgeous.
    Good luck with the move. Things are crazy for now but they'll soon be great when you settle down! 🙂

    Belly B 🙂

  3. loooove the dress! and the necklace! leaving a place is always hard, but you will have an absolute BLAST in Holland! be sure to get out of the city and check out the small towns too; they are even better 🙂 (my dad is dutch)

  4. That necklace is amazing! Don't worry about being a 'bad' blogger either! You're not letting us down by having a real life! 🙂 Take a break and get settled and come back with your fab photos when you can!

  5. Portland is going to miss you! But it's always here when you want to come back & visit! 😉

    btw… super cute dress!!!!

  6. i'm so excited for you. adorable outfit as well!! and um, can i have that dish in the last image. yum yum!! hope things bounce back to a somewhat normalcy soon! best wishes during your move!

  7. My sisters-in-law and I are planning on an Oregon trip next summer. I'm going to blog stalk your older posts for yummy eating places, for sure!

    Your hair looks amazing in these photos, by the way!

  8. You must be SO excited! I know it's a stressful time, but just think…in a few hours you will be living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Bon voyage!

  9. At least Portland is sending you out with plenty of sunshine:-) My sister-in-law and her husband just moved to Europe last week due to a job promotion. Definitely takes a lot of work to make an international move! xoxo

  10. Hi Liz,
    I just happened upon your blog and totally love it. I've been reading a few of your other posts and wanted to say hello!
    Love your photography.
    My brother in law lives in portland. We've been once and I loved the area.
    Good luck with your move! 🙂

  11. Liz,
    Your outfit is so adorable!!

    Best wishes on the new travels
    PS: My husband and I are thinking of moving to Portland! We live in Phx right now but are really wanting a change and he can hopefully transfer out to Portland with is job. I am school social worker so I might have a harder time finding a job. Your blog has been so much fun to read and also helpful. I'm loving all of the restaurants you have featured. Seems like I would enjoy the city.

  12. Liz, you look so “Breakfast at Tiffany's” in that pic with the sunglasses 🙂 Very chic.

    Good luck on your move and even though it may seem overwhelming at times, enjoy every moment!!


  13. I live in Vancouver, Portlands one of my most loved cities! Your story is wonderful, and Irving Street Kitchen is so good! Just found your blog, and am a new follower!
    Thanks for sharing

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