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Little Baby Lucy

The thing I like most about my job is how much I truly love the people I work with. One of those people is Lisa. Her and her husband, Tom, recently welcomed their first baby into the world, Lucy Rose. She is such a precious little bebe and hardly fussed at all during the whole time we were shooting. I’m so lucky I have such wonderful people in my life who let me practice this hobby I love so much 🙂 

{Photos © Liz Denfeld}

20 thoughts on “Little Baby Lucy”

  1. I love the name Lucy – it's actually our dog's name. I can never find ANYTHING that says Lucy on it so I'm going to guess it's become a fairly unique name! LOL Great photos!

  2. so beautiful!! You are great. My sister just gave birth this weekend to her first and I am so in love with my little niece! My pictures are on the blog…however, they are just from my camera and nowhere near as beautiful as yours!! I should book you for a shoot!!

  3. absolutely gorgeous pictures… i loveee the one of that sweet baby with the white flower headband and her mouth open- SOO precious.

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