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  1. he is freaking ADORABLE!!! of course he can't stay behind!!! and just one week ago my pup made the trek across the atlantic 🙂 so i have vivid knowledge of the flight! what airline and what layovers do yall have? why are you moving to amsterdam?! im so excited to follow your journey (im gonna scroll down to read more and perhaps ill find out why Haha!). have a great day!!

  2. My Aunt Mary used to fly her pups to and from Russia when her husband took a job there and she would go back and forth between Miami and Russia for many years. Each time she made such a stink about their well being that the captain would announce right before take-off “Mrs. Weden, your dogs are onboard”. It's nerve-wracking but people do it all the time so it is safe and you can be worry free!

  3. He is so darling. I would be interested to know what you have found out and if you receive any helpful hints. We have 4 dogs that we be flying overseas in the near future. It freaks me out to know they are flying in the belly. One thought is to check into pet airlines. I have read a little bit about them but do not know how much they cost.


  4. i plan on moving abroad eventually and will defintiely be bringing massimo. i'm glad i'll be able to ask you for advice! i fly with massimo all the time but only on short flights. i'm assuming you'll have to give him some sleeping pills since its such a long flight. do you can to have him in the cabin with you or does he have to go with the baggage?

  5. We used an international pet moving company (petmovers.com) and they were fantastic because they provided us the right crates and everything. The best thing to do is check the ratings on the airlines because some are much better than others. Continental and Virgin are notoriously good and do a “cool pack” which means that your pup won't be sitting on the tarmac in the heat waiting to board- which is more of a concern in Texas than in Portland. I would also advise making sure you have a billion more copies of all the forms than you think you need. Just in case. I was terrified that my tiny puppies were making a really long flight and that it would be really hard on them but they were perfect when they landed! Good luck!

  6. I've never flown internationally with my chihuahua but i've been on several 5 hour flights with her. Childrens Benadryl works well and usually puts her out! It might not be the most comfortable option, but do you know if International flights will let you put Henry at your feet instead of underneath? I always sneak Bella out of her carrier and just let her lay in my lap the whole time (just be sure you have several blankets on top of him so they cant see him, although several flight attendants havent cared at all and think she is soo cute). Bella sleeps the entire flight and I dont feed her or give her water either. I am sure Henry will be good to go, pets fly all the time! And he is bigger and quite muscular so I dont think the medicine the vets give you (or the benydryl) will harm him at all. Also, be sure to check with the airline about what kind of bag is accepted to bring him in. They are usually soo picky! they have to have a hard bottom but soft sides for the most part

  7. aw he is so precious! i get so nervous flying animals somewhere especially internationally..
    there's an airline called Pet Airways that unfortunately only flies domestic BUT perhaps they have affiliates or suggestions and can help you get your baby safely to amsterdam.
    And maybe you can do it by boat or ship, takes longer but maybe less stressful for him.

    Good luck and bless him with much health, happiness and a safe trip!


  8. Doesn't have to be children's benedryl. But, I'd try it before the flight to make sure he doesn't have a reaction to it. Personally, I'd never fly my dog unless they were with me in the cabin. It's traumatic, can get too hot, and some times the pressure can be wacky and mess up your pooch. We had someone come into the clinic who's dog had hearing loss due to riding down in the bottom. Be careful! Cute pup though!

  9. Hey! Just flew back from Spain with my Boston Terrier…my advice is getting some kind of doggy downer from the vet and take her with you on the plane (it's about $200 on Delta). It's not fun, but it's worth it!

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