{Last} Weekend Snaps

The weeks are passing so quickly, I hardly have enough time to keep up with weekend snaps! The weekend before last was blissfully warm with temperatures in the 80s. We spent most of our time lounging by my in-laws’ pool and dining al fresco. Here are a couple pictures from that weekend!

{Photos © Liz Denfeld}

14 thoughts on “{Last} Weekend Snaps”

  1. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog but I'm so glad I did! I LOVE your photography!! Your honeymoon pics are amazing!!

    PS-has anyone ever told you that you kind of resemble Tenley from the Bachelor?

  2. I also just discovered your blog and your photos are amazing.
    My husband's company has an office in Portland and down the road it might be a possibility for us to move there. I love what I am reading about the amazing city thus far from your adorable blog.

  3. Last weekend was great, wasn't it?! Here's to hoping the sun starts shining again. My mini vegetable garden needs those sun rays, and so do I!

  4. Eating outside is definitely one of my favourite things in life. 🙂 These pictures made me smile!! And made me even more excited that it's summertime!

  5. Great shots, my dear!! Love the shot of the table with the wine on it 🙂 You've got such a great eye for beautiful shots!

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend!


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