This weekend, we finally got to meet our adorable two-month old niece, Emma. And let me tell you, she is even more beautiful in person than she was in all the pictures and videos I saw of her! I spent the weekend taking mass amounts of photos of this little angel, and I just had to give you a little taste of how freakin’ precious she is. Yes, that’s right, these 11 photos are just a tiny preview. Because I have so many more to show you from this weekend. So stay tuned. For now, meet Emma. The cutest baby in all the world.

24 thoughts on “Emma”

  1. I must say I'm not normally a baby person (dogs, on the other hand…) but this baby is so cuddly and cute! I don't blame you for taking a zillion pictures of her!

    PS I met a 5 month old black Frenchie named Toro yesterday. His muzzle was still velvety-puppy-soft…gah!

  2. I love watching babies sleep–am melting over that black and white picture. She's too adorable for words. I can't wait to see more pictures!

  3. what a perfect little angel!

    also, i read your engagement/wedding story today- aaaand looked at all the photos.

    you guys are gorg!

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