Formspring Friday

Introducing Formspring Friday!

Starting something new this fine Friday (actually, it’s pouring rain and freezing here in Portland, but a little positivity goes a long way)! Every Friday I will be sharing a few questions I’ve received on my Formspring account. They could be funny, interesting, silly, serious, anything! I will just be picking them randomly and hoping this helps you guys get to know me better and also encourages you to ask me anything your little heart desires (it’s totally anonymous, too!). So here it goes…

A: I am about 5’8″ (maybe a little less, but that’s what I say 🙂

Here’s a rough list of places I can remember…
Los Angeles
San Diego
Palm Springs
Santa Barbara
New York
West Palm Beach, FL
Costa Rica
Buenos Aires
Punta del Este, Uruguay
Iguazu Falls

I want to add lotssss to this list 🙂

Q: What’s your biggest indulgence and how do you justify it?
A: I consider myself a pretty indulgent person… I believe everything is great in moderation. So if I want chocolate/dessert/a glass of wine, then I’ll usually do it. Because it makes me happy and feel good to reward myself. It’s when I eat a giant piece of cake or big buttery bowl of popcorn I feel kind crappy 🙂 My justification for most indulgences is that life is short, so you should treat yourself and do what makes you happy… In moderation, of course!

Q: Can I ask you a personal question? I’m looking at wedding planning with panic because it looks like it costs so much. How did you handle? Save up? Buy along the way? Ask friends and family? Thank you!!!

This is a really great question, and one I completely understand. Wedding planning is definitely expensive and overwhelming. We did all of the above. We did a better job at not going out to eat as much, not taking as many vacations, etc etc to save any extra cash. Literally any extra penny we had went to the wedding fund. Other than that, we did A LOT of price comparison when looking around for vendors, did DIY projects where it made sense and saved money, and most definitely relied on friends and family to help us out in whatever way they could.

I think the other thing we did that really helped was make a list of our priorities. What REALLY matters to you, what are you willing to sacrifice? What aren’t you willing to give up in the name of saving money? For example, for us, dessert just wasn’t an important part of the wedding, so we found a local woman who does cupcakes on the side. It was super affordable, they were yummy, but we didn’t break the bank paying for a big detailed cake. Just choose your battles, know you can’t have it ALL, and that’s okay, it will still be an amazing day. AND of course, don’t forget what the day is all about. Committing to the person you love the most in the world. It will be an amazingly powerful day no matter what flowers, photographer and dessert you have 🙂

Hope this helps… Just know that everyone goes through this panic at first!

A: I’ve always loved photography and that love only increased after starting a blog and following so many gorgeous photographers. I got my first SLR last fall and I’ve just been taking classes and reading about photography ever since! It’s just a hobby now, but I’d love to do it part-time someday!

So what do you think, friends? Are you a fan of Formspring Friday?

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  1. I'm a fan.
    I love Portland. And Hubs and I are planning a trip in June. What are your must dos in Portland? This is Hubby's first time there. What cannot he not leave without doing?

  2. oh hooray! this is awesome! formspring friday is a swell idea!

    p.s: great, practical wedding advice. you hit it spot on!

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